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Truly a match made in dancefloor heaven, TV Noise and Blinders are two of STMPD RCRDS' most boundary-pushing artists. This unique new collaboration is a perfect meeting of mind, with seriously crazy results. First premiered in their back-to-back set at the STMPD label night at ADE, Fire is something seriously special.

Immediately explosive, this fearsome track boldly marks its territory from the first beat. Intense, dancehall vocals arrive to hype the crowd, with a mighty drop yielding throbbing off-beat bass toms, fizzing, distorted riffs and crazy fills that take the energy higher. A tense, darkly-tinged breakdown increases the drama level, the vocal getting more infectious still as a winding lead riff plays out a feel-good melody. Huge, chunky drum fills punctuate the enormous build, slamming us back into this weighty track in style.

Bursting into life like a firecracker, the track is emblematic of all the best qualities of both artists: energetic, twisted, hard, groovy, freaky and exciting. With a few nods to classic material from The Prodigy along the way, it's an absolute monster.

It's been a big year for both TV Noise and Blinders. TV Noise has put together acclaimed sets at the likes of Ultra Korea, Ultra Japan, Ultra Beijing, Tomorrowland, Balaton Sound and Ushuaïa Ibiza. Their weekly summer residency at BCM Mallorca also went down a storm, and multiple tours of Asia delighted their fans in the East. Blinders just finished a great week after playing in front of 50.000 ecstatic people in both Mumbai and Delhi at Martin Garrix's shows in India. The two STMPD RCRDS artists are sure to deliver more stunning work in the future.
<![CDATA[A State of Trance 900 releases massive line-up]]>Sun, 02 Dec 2018 07:12:57 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/a-state-of-trance-900-releases-massive-line-up
Tickets available here

After recently revealing the 'Lifting You Higher' theme for ASOT 900Armin van Buuren has unveiled the full line-up for the highly anticipated event in Utrecht, the Netherlands on 23 February 2019. 

British trance trio Above & Beyond will join Armin at the showpiece event, marking their first appearance at an individual Dutch 'A State of Trance' event in 7 years.
 Armin's ASOT 900 celebration sees an all-star billing join proceedings, with Cosmic Gate, Estiva,  FUTURECODE (Ben Gold x Omnia), MaRLo and Vini Vici all penciled in for mainstage slots, exploring a slick fusion of older trance sounds combined with modern and melodic approaches.

With a range of progressive trance heroes at the event, including
  Dezza,  Gundamea,  John 00 Fleming,  Kolonie,  Matt Fax,  Paul Thomas  and  Rodg , Armin has also catered for the Psy contingent with Astrix,  Captain Hook,  Exis,  Ghost Rider,  Magnus,  Reality Test,  Shadow Chronicles  and  WHITENO1SE.

The ASOT series, which first started back in 2001, is slowly approaching its milestone 1000th episode and as a celebration a wealth of names will headline the Road To 1000: Lifting You Higher stage, as AVAO, Fatum, Ferry Tayle b2b Dan Stone, KhoMha, Luke Bond, Maor Levi, and Ruben de Ronde top the bill.

Armin will be marking his return to the Who's Afraid of 138?! stage for the first time since ASOT650. The legendary Dutch producer will be joined by Allen Watts, Davey Asprey, Giuseppe Ottaviani Live 2.0, PUSH Live, Sneijder, and Will Atkinson, rounding off proceedings with a bang.

The electric ASOT 900 will start with an exclusive warm-up vinyl set by Armin, which means that some lucky early bird fans will have the opportunity to hear the trance giant three times during the monumental event.
ASOT 900 promises to be one of 2019's most eagerly anticipated events in the electronic music calendar, and tickets are available here.

Above & Beyond
Armin van Buuren
Cosmic Gate
FUTURECODE (Ben Gold x Omnia)
MaRLo (Tech-Energy Set)
Vini Vici
John 00 Fleming
Matt Fax
Paul Thomas
Captain Hook
Ghost Rider
Reality Test
Shadow Chronicles
Ferry Tayle b2b Dan Stone
Luke Bond
Maor Levi
Ruben de Ronde

Allen Watts
Armin van Buuren
Davey Asprey
Giuseppe Ottaviani Live 2.0
Will Atkinson

<![CDATA[SKIY - Who Got The Keys (Heldeep Records)]]>Thu, 29 Nov 2018 07:41:28 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/skiy-who-got-the-keys-heldeep-records
If you’re big into listening to live sets or radio shows like me, chances are you’ve heard  SKIY ” Who Got The Keys" being played at one point or another.
Fast-rising DJ/producer SKIY has brought her slick style of house, Who Got The Keys is certain to cause a splash throughout the industry and has already received big support with underground house inspired vibe.

  The precise percussion and vocal cuts in the tune give it a bit of  an underground track with a sick sound. The downtempo song has a bit of a  future beats feel to it with the warm vibes and crisp production quality.

Who Got The Keys is big energy reminiscent of the scene's last heyday as an underground community, and influences from  disco. With Oliver Heldens’ seal of approval, Who Got The Keys is set to do big things and proves just how versatile SKIY is as an artist. Expect big things from SKIY in the future.

link spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6n0ngJ7VgaQNlkJ3xwAvab

@Simona Nardone
<![CDATA[Daddy's Groove - Bvulgari (Spinnin' Records)]]>Thu, 29 Nov 2018 07:34:31 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/daddys-groove-bvulgari-spinnin-records
Italian duo Daddy’s Groove has established themselves as a huge marker in the more groovy-styled House scene. Their new track BVULGARI, is a bohemian-groovy ones, perfect to inflame the dancefloor.  

A low bass is introduced that adds to the underlying carnival feel of the track. Once you take a to it, the one thing that obviously stands out is the gypsy-like vibe in it.
It is an up-winding piece of groove house, building up a vintage festive vibe punctuated by a slowing tempo, which gradually increases again before returning to the tribal rhythm. 

It’s as if “BVLGARI” takes you on a journey, through the lows and highs, and just seems to keep you hooked on the groove.

This duo is one which never lets you down.
Daddy's Groove- BVULGARI is out Now via Spinnin rec.

Grab your copy:  https://spinninrecords.com/releases/bvulgari/details

@Simona Nardone
<![CDATA[INTERVIEW WITH SICK INDIVIDUALS IN KUALA LUMPUR]]>Tue, 13 Nov 2018 09:14:47 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/interview-with-sick-individuals-in-kuala-lumpur
SICK INDIVIDUALS are, without a doubt, one of the most promising young talents in today’s electronic dance music scene. These distinctive musical prodigies put their heart and soul into their tracks, making every song and live performance a memorable one! 

Our team got a chance to sit down with Ray & Jim from Sick Individuals and talked about their music, difference of cultures in receiving their music, challenges, as well as future plans for the duo! 

“Let seethe SICK Music craze continue…!”
<![CDATA[Blinders delivers another dancefloor wrecker in the form of Leaving]]>Sun, 30 Sep 2018 12:25:20 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/blinders-delivers-another-dancefloor-wrecker-in-the-form-of-leaving
Poland in the house! Blinders has firmly marked himself out as one of STMPD RCRDS's most exciting names. After the world premiere by Martin Garrix during his Tomorrowland set, his track Leaving is now officially seeing the light of day.
Following on from the pristine pop of Melt (Tasty), he's back with a new high-octane houser that will set pulses racing. This thumping slice of bass house hits in all the right places, with thick bass tones, colourful electro synths, infectious pitched vocals and supremely energetic drums. The emotive breakdowns are masterfully crafted with breakbeat sections and heavenly pad sounds, and when the distorted horn riff drops into play the result is complete pandemonium.

With appearances this summer at Ushuaia Ibiza, Tomorrowland and Balatonsound, Blinders has been playing to some huge crowds and gathering many new fans in the process. Take one look at this video of the moment Martin Garrix dropped Leaving at Tomorrowland and it will be clear that this is a track that will destroy any dancefloor it's played on.

​Blinders - Leaving Listen / Download:
<![CDATA[INTERVIEW WITH SAN HOLO]]>Tue, 18 Sep 2018 06:57:17 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/interview-with-san-holo

​September 14th 2018 – Talented Dutch DJ and producer San Holo made Malaysia his first stop during his Asia Tour this year! Blending guitars and vocals, this artist creates a distinctive, forward-thinking style that places him high on the list of trailblazers in today’s electronic music landscape.
“I had so many ideas for making music and was getting tired of always looking for players to help fill the spots. I realized you are able to build entire songs around a laptop and that started my interest in production. I never walked into a club until my music started being noticed by people wanting me to DJ.”
He released his debut EP COSMOS on Heroic. Featuring anthemic singles “Fly” and “Hiding,” these tracks led fans to discover his re-working of Dre’s classic “The Next Episode”—which blew up on the blogosphere and SoundCloud community, launching San Holo’s future in the process. The remix ended up garnering over 160 million YouTube streams, putting San on the map with his “Don’t Touch the Classics” series.
“But I feel it’s never about just structure when you are making music. It’s you crafting that signature sound, the magic and the harmonies you put behind it that stays with people. I believe if you put on one of my tracks you will recognize within a minute that I produced it because of that.”
We got a chance to sit down with San Holo himself and chat a little bit about his upcoming album, and inspiration behind one of his latest singles – Brighter Days ft. Bipolar Sunshine, and more on his recent works and future plans! 

​Interview w/ San Holo: 
Interview & words by Alicia K @aliciafireheart

Soundcloud     : @sanholobeats
Facebook         : @ sanholobeats
Instagram       : @ sanholobeats
Twitter            : @ sanholobeats

<![CDATA[Danny Avila: DREAMS - FREE DOWNLOAD -]]>Mon, 10 Sep 2018 05:04:26 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/danny-avila-dreams-free-download
To round off a crazy summer of dance music Avila give us an inspiration influenced free download to show his gratitude – Dreams.
Motivated by hard earned highs of summer success, Danny wanted to give something back to the people who have supported him the most.

Dreams is a track that jumps straight in with the signature energy and enthusiasm of a producer who genuinely loves what he does. The creation DREAMS came out of something more than just a catchy little melody, it came from the sentiments inside when you feel that you achieved genuine happiness.

As the song progresses towards the drop, it flourishes with energetic and cheerful  chords and fluttering synth melodies. Avila comes in through the main melody, with the unique electronic feel definitely sounding like something from his portfolio of emotions: The entire sound constitutes a very enticing dance track.

"I made this track some months ago while I was on tour in Asia for 3 weeks in a row. One day I woke up and realized I get to live my dream every day because of you guys so I decided to give it away for free as a way to say THANK YOU." - Danny Avila-


@Simona Nardone
<![CDATA[EDX: SILLAGE]]>Mon, 10 Sep 2018 04:59:45 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/edx-sillage
Packed with dreamy Balearic synths, tribal percussion and his unmistakable signature soundscapes, Switzerland’s most streamed artist, EDX, returns with an absolutely massive Ibiza-inspired record to cap off a truly unforgettable summer season: Sillage!
Here we see Maurizio Colella beautifully blend progressive house and deep, which creates an immensely catchy riff that is graceful and airy and so much fun to listen to.  The breakdown features a beautiful vocal arrangement with catchy background vocal riffs that will definitely be a hit at many of EDX’s live shows.

There are no banging beats, massive drops, or shouting “throw your hands in the air.”  The beautiful soundscape washes over you with strings and effected backing vocals until the lead comes in with a simple melody.

The modern fusion of tribal and deep house has the exuberant energy that will drive both club floors and  festivals. The sound is familiar yet distinctive, making “Sillage” stand out from the other tracks of the moment.
@Simona Nardone
<![CDATA[INTERVIEW WITH MARK SIXMA]]>Thu, 06 Sep 2018 09:24:39 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/interview-with-mark-sixmaPUMPING IT UP TO 150BPM?!
We sat down with Mark Sixma on Merdeka Eve night at Zouk Kuala Lumpur, and here is what they had to share on their experience, passion for music, and upcoming plans in the near future.
Mark Sixma is man whose music many Trance fans know by heart. Hailing from Breda, the Dutch city that provided the world of dance music with scene leaders such as Tiësto and Hardwell, Sixma is responsible for some of the genre’s most revered anthems, as timeless as they are essential to any Trance and EDM enthusiast’s collection. Between his sublime originals, monumental remixes for luminaries such as Armin van Buuren, it’s clear for all to see – and hear – that Mark Sixma belongs where he’s currently at. The very top of the Trance scene.​

Listen to what Sixma had to share with his fans in Malaysia at the end of the interview! 
Read more about what went down at DJ Mag Top #19 Club on Merdeka Eve HERE

Interview by: Alicia K. @aliciafireheart
Soundcloud: @MarkSixma
Facebook: @MarkSixmaOfficial
Instagram: @MarkSixma
Twitter: @MarkSixma