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Talented italian trio Meduza  have celebrated a huge year in 2019 with their silver, gold, platinum, diamond and grammy nominated record 'Piece Of Your Heart'. Their recent single 'Lose Control' has already accumulated 200m+ online streams and has celebrated 7 weeks straight on the BBC Radio 1 A-List. Whilst being the #5 most Shazammed track in the world. In just one year, the Meduza have managed to achieve all the goals that every artist can dream of.

"Born to Love"  starts off with thumping basslines and organic stabs that will surely make you feel the rhythmic house groove until  hypnotizing vocals kick in, creating a mesmerizing house bomb that will definitely be heard this festival season and beyond.  
The captivating vocal don't lose their hypnotic effect on the listener, with the quality essence of every Meduza release contained throughout. The progressive and subtle variation throughout gives the original more kick, more power, placing it well to suit the club scene worldwide.  "Born to love" seems to be a declaration of love for house music.
Check out the full stream below and be sure to save it in your playlist.

@2020 - DJ Mag Malaysia - Simona Nardone

<![CDATA[CAPRICES ANNOUNCES LINE-UP, 3 NEW STAGES & DOUBLE WEEKEND FORMAT FOR2020]]>Thu, 06 Feb 2020 14:30:35 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/caprices-announces-line-up-3-new-stages-double-weekend-format-for2020
Ricardo Villalobos, Archie Hamilton, Sonja Moonear, Magda, Traumer, Priku, Digby, Ion Ludwig, Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Luciano, Sven Väth, Guy Gerber, Lee Burridge, Adriatique and more will perform

Caprices presents Modernity Festival

April 17-19 &  April 24-26, 2020
Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Facebook: @CapricesFest
Instagram: @CapricesFestival
Twitter: @Caprices_Fest

For its 17th edition, Caprices presents its new concept: Modernity 2 X Higher, spreading over two weekends on April 17-19 &  April 24-26, 2020. Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Luciano, Sven Väth, Guy Gerber, Lee Burridge, Ricardo Villalobos, Adriatique will be amongst more than 53 of the most prominent artists of the moment, who will gather in Crans-Montana. Three new stages have been announced, one new daytime stage at Cry D’Er plus two new night stages that will host various national and international festival and club brands.

Modernity 2 X Higher
Located 2,200 meters on the Cry D’Er terrace with a breath-taking panoramic view in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the Modernity stage continues to attract more customers from around the world wishing to live this unique clubbing experience. For its 17th edition, the event's organizing committee wanted to extend the festival over two weekends from April 17 to 19 and from April 24 to 26 in order to offer not 3 but 6 Modernity events. A second daytime stage, located in the Club Cry D’Er on the Modernity site, will be offered to the public in order to offer them a choice of programming.

The most influential artists on the scene responded to the call for the new concept. The first weekend of the festival will notably welcome artists such as Sven Väth, Adriatique, Guy Gerber, Lee Burridge, Behrouz, Chaim, Yokoo, Lunar Disco, Parallells (Live), Guti (Live), Traumer, Archie Hamilton, Ion Ludwig, Britta Arnold, Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder and more.

On the second weekend, the mountains will vibrate with the sounds of Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, Marco Faraone, Osunlade, Mathew Jonson, Magda, Agents of time, Michel Cleis, Alex Kostic, Skizzo, Steve Rachmad, Cesar Merveille, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson and many more.
New Night Stages
Caprices's Moon stage from previous years will give way to two new stages —  the Forest Stage and the Chalet Stage — which have been imagined and programmed in collaboration with renowned national and international festival and club partners. On the international side, you will find party labels such as: Esto Es Tulum from MexicoEpizode from VietnamPyramid from Ibiza, Gypsyland from Italy, Aum from ParisSlapfunk Records from Nethereland and many others. On the national side, the leading players on the Swiss scene will be associated such as the D! Club and Folklor of LausanneSecret Society of GenevaTerrazza of Zurich. The full programme for each evening will be announced shortly.

Maxime Léonard, in charge of the artistic part, comments "It is an immense honour for us to be able to bring together around the festival so many important artists / festivals / clubs on the international scene. It’s a huge sign of recognition for us! In addition, on the artistic level, this allows for extremely interesting sharing work, and allows us to offer programmes from recognized artists and newcomers from all over the world.”



<![CDATA[ZONDERLING AND NØ SIGNE KICK OFF 2020 WITH SOARING NEW SINGLE ‘CLOUDS’ ON STMPD RCRDS]]>Wed, 05 Feb 2020 14:59:05 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/zonderling-and-n-signe-kick-off-2020-with-soaring-new-single-clouds-on-stmpd-rcrds
Zonderling’s 2019 was one to remember- successfully pleased crowds across the world with releases on leading electronic music labels like Spinnin’, Armada, Hexagon and Heldeep Records. Not to mention Zonderling rocked stages from Europe to Asia, swinging through Africa, at some of the most prestigious clubs and festivals including Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Electric Love, to name a few. 

Having spent most of 2019 in their musical lair strategizing for an epic 2020, the Dutch duo Zonderling is ready to unleash the first release of this exciting new year in collaboration with German producer, NØ SIGNE, on a smashing new track ‘Clouds’. ‘Clouds’ is a unique combination of both artists’ worlds - with a hard-hitting drop and smooth analog synth breakdown to perfectly balance the track. What started as a small idea, turned into a stunning result! This first collaboration between Zonderling and NØ SIGNE will definitely shake the start of this new decade! Set to release 16 January on Martin Garrix’s imprint, STMPD RCRDS.


<![CDATA[GENERATION SMASH GETS READY TO ROCK ‘THE CROSS’ WITH SCNDL, FLAREMODE AND CASPER YU!]]>Sat, 01 Feb 2020 04:19:38 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/generation-smash-gets-ready-to-rock-the-cross-with-scndl-flaremode-and-casper-yu
Download/Stream Link: >>https://orcd.co/the_cross <<

As Generation Smash continues on an elevated, on-the-rise 2020 schedule, the Smash The House offshoot from Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike shines a light on fresh producers shaking up the scene; this time with Melbourne maverick SCNDL, Italian titans Flaremode and Chinese newcomer Casper Yu.

Bringing a transatlantic fusion of the trio’s inevitable flair together, they rock ‘The Cross’ with militant beats, throaty low end vocals and winding synths from the get go. From bad boy-delivered toplines that are said dripping with coolness, juxtaposed with processed tones that catch the listeners’ attention, it’s a union of horn-tooting mayhem injected with attitude, bite and presents an urban stance before double-time beats whirr the scale up past 11.

A sure-fire, stadium-slaying anthem that is undoubtedly here to devastate dancefloors as this introduction presents itself with a talent way beyond the trio’s years spent in the scene, make sure you get your hands on ‘The Cross’ now!
<![CDATA[WIRED MUSIC WEEK SOARS TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH ELECTRIFYING LINEUP OF SPEAKERS AND TOPICS FOR 2020]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2020 08:35:39 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/january-22nd-2020

Kuala Lumpur, 22 January 2020 - Asia’s Largest Electronic Music Conference & Festival, Wired Music Week (WMW) , takes to the skies from 12th to 15th March 2020 up in Zouk Genting, featuring a roster of acclaimed music industry giants such as Markus Schulz, Laidback Luke, Arkham Knights and more.

The third installment of WMW will be centred around the theme of Sustainability within all aspects of the global electronic music industry, and will feature the likes of Jacob Merlin (1001tracklists) , Robin Leembruggen (Liquid State) , and Stephen Dowler (Monstercat). The conference will explore the topics such as Radio In A Streaming Age , to discuss the sustainability of radio airplay against the rise of digital streaming platforms. On the events front, WMW will be deep diving into the topic, Music Festivals: Make, Break or Sustain , to take a look at a music promoter’s role in contributing to environmental sustainability, as well as efforts to ensure brand sustainability. The conference will also have debate panels with topics such as, Music Sustainability: Label Deals vs. Independent Releases Debate , to shed light on different sides of the industry and how to thrive as an artist.

WMW’s new pillar Wired Black, which focuses on the growth and expansion of the underground electronic music scene, will feature experts such as Wayne Lee (Zouk Singapore) , Nakadia (TH) and Zaran Vachha (Collective Minds) . Wired Black will explore topics relating to sustainability and the underground scene such as Young & Thirsty: The Art of Moving The Young Over To The Underground as well as an in-depth look into the trajectory for aspiring independent musicians with From Nothing To Something Big: From Bedroom DJs to Warehouse Parties .

​Another new pillar that will be introduced in WMW 2020 is Connect: China, in collaboration with electronic music China Pioneer, Paul Neuteboom (CEO, BrotherHood Music, China) to bridge the Chinese electronic music industry with the rest of Asia. This pillar will explore topics such as Streaming Music Within The Great Firewall and China: A Guide & Strategic Plan To Work Your Way Around The Region , featuring the likes of David Luce , Erik Leenders and more.

Conference attendees will also get the chance to learn from the best with WMW’s workshops featuring key players in the global industry such as DJ and music producer Laidback Luke , who will lead the workshop The Power of Creative DJing . AI experts of the music industry, Musiio , will be leading the workshop, AI & The Future of Music Search For DJs and famed Dutch recording label, Revealed Recordings , will be presenting two workshops: Social Advertising For Artists and How To Get Signed By Record Label .

​Of course, WMW wouldn’t be complete without its iconic afterparties. Attendees can expect a lineup of DJ acts that includes the likes of Markus Schulz , Arkham Knights and more, who are sure to set the dancefloors of Zouk Genting ablaze with their electrifying tunes.
Full list of Phase 1 speakers and artists appended below:

1. Stijn Van Dijken [NL] - Event Manager, Revealed Recordings
2. Jacob Merlin [US] - Chief Marketing Officer, 1001tracklists
3. Oskar Eichler [GR] - Chief Operating Officer, 1001tracklists
4. Evan Sacks [US] - Chief Executive Officer, 1001tracklists
5. Adam Mathews [MY] - Founder, Plural Asia
6. Karla Wong [MY] - Founder, Plural Asia
7. Paul Neuteboom [NL] - Chief Executive Officer, Brotherhood Music
8. Keith Tan [SG] - Director, Marketing Development, Cdbaby
9. Akhda Khalid [IND] - Chief Executive Officer, DanceSignal
10.Sanjeev Raj [MY] - Entertainment Manager, Kyo Club KL
11.Mack Hampson [UK] - Commercial Director, Musiio
12.Tobias Fowler [AUS] - Director, Abstrkt
13.Robin Leembruggen [NL] - Head of A&R & Artist Relation, Liquid State
14.Jesper Skibsby [DK] Chief Executive Officer, WARM
15.Kyle Bagley [US] Chief Executive Officer, Groove Dynasty
16.Stephen Dowler [US] Brand Manager APAC, Monstercat
17.Jonathan Charles [MY] Pisco Bar & JK58Asia
18.Zaran Vachha [HK] - Co Founder, Collective Minds
19.Wayne Lee [SG] - General Manager, Zouk Singapore
20.Mikail Schemn [PH] - Founder, CC:Concepts
21.Roshan Menon [MY] - Founder, Saturday Selects
22.Joseph Ryan [UK] - Directors of Special Projects, Zouk Genting
23.Nigel Hills [MY] - Head of Production, Zouk Live
24.David Luce [CA] - Founder, Shft Asia
25.Michiel Roosjen [NL] - Co Founder, House of China
26.Merlijn Poolman [NL] - Nightmayor, City of Groningen
27.Alex He [CN] - Chief Executive Officer, Beam Artists
28.Erik Leenders [NL] - Managing Director, David Lewis Productions Asia-Pacific
29.Ronin [SG] - Creative Director, Superface Club

1. Laidback Luke [NL]
2. Markus Schulz [GR]
3. Arkham Knights [UK]
4. Irwan [NL]
5. Nakadia [TH]
6. Dexter King [CN]
7. Ailia [CN]
8. Izzi [CN]

Full list of Phase 1 keynote, panels and workshop topics appended below:

1. The Evolution of The DJ and Production Industry Over The Past Two Decades By Markus Schulz
2. Balancing & Sustainability - Artists Living A Double Life
3. Music Sustainability: Label Deals vs. Independent Releases Debate
4. Radio In A Streaming Age
5. Unlock The Value of Global Radio Airplay Data 6. Music Festivals: Make, Break or Sustain
7. Data Insights: How & Why Data Matter? - (Hosted By 1001tracklists)
8. Mental Health: What has changed, Since our last discussion?
9. Zouk: Creating Club Experiences Anywhere
10.Going Green: The Music Industry’s Impact on The Environment

1. Revealed Recordings Pres. Social Advertising For Artists
2. Revealed Recordings Pres. How To Get Signed By Record Label
3. Musiio Pres. AI & The Future of Music Search For DJs
4. Laidback Luke Pres. The Power of Creative DJing

1. Young & Thirsty: The Art of Moving The Young Over To The Underground.
2. From Nothing To Something Big: From Bedroom DJs to Warehouse Parties, Understanding The Trajectory.
3. The Evolution of Revolution: Keeping Underground Music Alive, How Does One Do So In A Market Where The Underground Is Shifting Towards Mainstream.
4. Queer History and Its Role In Keeping The Underground Alive.
5. Creating A Better Network Through Journalism.
6. Record Labels & Publishing In Asia.
7. The Art of Negotiation - Being A Music Director In Asia, Today & Yesterday

1. Streaming Music Within The Great Firewall
2. China: A Guide & Strategic Plan To Work Your Way Around The Region
3. China’s Role In Asia and The World: Now and The Future

This is only the first lineup announcement for WMW 2020, watch this space with more confirmed speakers and topics to come soon.

As the official venue partner, Zouk Genting will be opening its doors to WMW attendees, as well as offering other outlets including Empire, Redtail, and FUHU to serve as the backdrop across the conference weekend. 

Tickets are now available for sale at https://wmw2020.pouchnation.com/
For more information about Wired Music Week, head on to www.wmw.my or check out
their social media platforms below:
Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   LinkedIn

<![CDATA[SMASH THE HOUSE FAMILY FAVOURITES D’ANGELLO & FRANCIS DELIVER A NEW SOUND CALLED ELECTRONIC RAVE MUSIC. PLEASE WELCOME ‘ELECTRIC TRIBE’.]]>Tue, 24 Dec 2019 06:07:47 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/smash-the-house-family-favourites-dangello-francis-deliver-a-new-sound-called-electronic-rave-music-please-welcome-electric-tribe
Download/Stream Link: https://orcd.co/electric_tribe

Label family favourites D’Angello & Francis are back with another festival banger ‘Electric Tribe’. The track is out now, marking their first solo release since wowing crowds at this summer’s Tomorrowland weekends. The duo describes this track as the first of many releases that embodies their own new sound, they call Electronic Rave.

With their last release ‘The Flight’ topping 5 million collective digital streams in the short time since its release, and their debut collab with Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Bassjackers ‘All Aboard’ surpasses 15 million, D’Angello & Francis stand as one of the label’s most streamed contributors. Impressing crowds at Tomorrowland this year, it’s this type of mainstage-ready sound and their continual support from the label bosses that have seen them become a household mainstay on the festival bill. 

Since landing on the scene in 2006, this electric duo have put out releases across multiple global imprints, while listing in the radio, Beatport, and Top 10 of the USA Billboard Club Play charts. Finding their home as part of the Smash The House family, 2020 will surely bring more big-scale releases, collabs with the biggest names in the industry and furious live performances from the dynamic duo quickly shaping the world of electronic rave music. 

Join the ‘Electric Tribe’, out now, via Smash The House.

For information check socials:
https://www.facebook.com/smashthehouse/ | https://twitter.com/smashthehouse

https://www.facebook.com/DAngelloandFrancis/  | https://www.instagram.com/DAngelloandFrancis
<![CDATA[Global dance music leaders ALDA & Insomniac launch Bucharest's first major music festival 'SAGA']]>Wed, 04 Dec 2019 06:53:02 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/global-dance-music-leaders-alda-insomniac-launch-bucharests-first-major-music-festival-saga
5, 6, 7, June
Bucharest, Romania

A brand new dance music experience will make its way to Romania this summer, as SAGA prepares to launch in Bucharest. Taking place between 5-7 June, the innovative festival is the brainchild of both ALDA & Insomniac, who partnered last year, and will follow in the footsteps of both brand's previous successes, such as the iconic AMF in Amsterdam and the world's largest dance music festival, EDC in Las Vegas. Marking a new beginning for the Eastern European festival scene, SAGA represents a landmark moment for the people of Bucharest, serving as the city's first-ever major music festival of such impressive scale. With more than 150 artists of various genres performing across 5 stages at the 3-day event, SAGA promises to provide something for every taste, with the worldwide ticket sale set to take place this Friday, 6 December.

SAGA looks set to revolutionize the festival industry with an immersive storytelling experience. With exciting visual spectacles set to take place, visitors will be truly blown away by the scale of this pioneering event. All will become clear over the coming months, as the secrets of the SAGA are unveiled. Playing host to over 350 shows and more than 30 brands for millions of visitors worldwide, ALDA's latest venture alongside Insomniac is sure to make a huge impact in Romania with their brand new venture, and as the SAGA begins, party-goers from all over the globe are sure to jet in for the inaugural edition of the annual musical celebration. Whilst plenty of details are still yet to be revealed, SAGA is anticipated to explode into life as one of the biggest festivals in the world during 2020.

With a very limited amount of loyalty 3-day passes starting this Friday at a special offer of just €21 (99 RON) as a welcome giftpre-registration is open with fans able to gain early access via this linkWith the worldwide ticket sale set to start on Friday 6 December, are you ready to experience the beginning of the SAGA?
<![CDATA[SPINNIN' RECORDS ASIA KICKS OFF WITH DEBUT RELEASE]]>Fri, 29 Nov 2019 04:57:39 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/spinnin-records-asia-kicks-off-with-debut-releaseBEAUZ WILL MAKE YOU 'FEEL THE LIGHT'
It's finally here, the debut release on brand new label Spinnin' Records Asia. Kicking things off in the most ambitious way is BEAUZ, the popular US based duo with Indonesian and Taiwanese heritage, delivering an exciting crossover sound with 'Feel The Light'.

Announced last week as one of Spinnin's most exciting new projects for the future, Spinnin' Records Asia is aiming to be the dance and electronic music specialist for the world's fastest-growing region. The label will discover and nurture musical talent from the Asian countries, as well as sign and work with artists of Asian heritage from every part of the world, bringing their music to a global audience.
BEAUZ is the perfect example, a US based brother duo coming from an Asian background, working its way up to become a worldwide acclaimed dance act. Following popular singles like 'Hide And Seek', 'Crazy' and 'Sayonara', the guys now return to close off 2019 with their most anticipated single to date: 'Feel The Light'.
It's a record that builds momentum with crystal clear vocals over beautiful, subtle melodies, before unleashing a rushed beat and chopped up vocal effects, marking the moment for the crowd to start dancing. Surely, a strong blend of pop and dance displayed here, not only an exciting step in BEAUZ burgeouning career, but also a promising, and best possible start of a highly ambitious new label.
“Imagine you were told a career in music is too risky. Imagine you were told that you were too Asian to make it. Imagine you and your brother back to back against the world, with nothing but hard work and raw talent to count on. We defied all odds, built from ground zero and we never lost faith. We only got one life and we strive to live it to the fullest by making an impact. We are BEAUZ, here to erase the bounds and differences between ideas, cultures, and races - beginning with our music.” - BEAUZ

BEAUZ - 'Feel The Light'
Out now on Spinnin' Records Asia

<![CDATA[MALAYSIAN DJ & PRODUCER DUO SPUDS RETURNS WITH NEW SINGLE]]>Sat, 23 Nov 2019 13:04:36 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/malaysian-dj-producer-duo-spuds-returns-with-new-single
Having taken a break in 2019 to focus on their other project, MFMF., Malaysia’s very own DJ and Producer duo Spuds marks their long-awaited return by releasing a brand new single called ‘Ghost’, featuring Malaysian singer-songwriter Aina Abdul. Fans may
recognize Aina from her recent works, ‘Sumpah’ and ‘Shadow’.

‘Ghost’ has been over a year in the making, and it is arguably the most challenging song that the duo have ever had to work on. It was a tricky act juggling between the powerful leads by Spuds and Aina’s dominant vocals but the marriage of those two elements birthed a song that perfectly showcases the prowess and flexibility of both artists.

‘Ghost’ tells the sombre story of a person who is struggling to come to terms with her feelings of love, shame, and vulnerability in a relationship. The vocal performance being delivered in this track is full of emotion and passion, that befits the energy of this record perfectly.

The release of ‘Ghost’ marks the return of Spuds from their long hiatus, and is only one of the many singles being planned out in the pipeline for the duo.

<![CDATA[ASOT950 sells out in record time]]>Fri, 22 Nov 2019 10:41:10 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/asot950-sells-out-in-record-time
Regular and VIP tickets for the forthcoming ASOT950 event are now officially sold out, cementing the 2020 edition's spot as the fastest-selling ASOT of all time. With trance legend Armin van Buuren leading the all-night celebration on 15 February at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the ASOT950 weekend experience will also include a special pre-party with Armin van Buuren headlining a warm-up gathering in Amsterdam on 14 February. The news follows the recent reveal of this year's theme for the celebration - titled 'Let The Music Guide You' - with the accompanying anthem of the same name set for official release tomorrow.

With demand for this year's event proving more insatiable than ever before, electronic music lovers are eagerly anticipating the scenes which await their February arrival, as Armin van Buuren's ASOT950 lineup includes an even more star-studded billing than usual, with the Dutch maestro ramping up the energy in preparation for the milestone event. As party-goers from all across the globe fly in for the revelry of all things trance, a series of special guests will perform at the Utrecht party, with a flurry of the finest names in trance joining the main man himself at the Amsterdam pre-party on Valentines Day. For those who missed out on tickets, travel packages and weekend tickets are still available in limited numbers.

Breaking records as the fastest-selling ASOT event of all time, ASOT950 is already shaping up as one of the most highly anticipated events on the 2020 dance music calendar. With all eyes now turning to the Netherlands for what promises to prove one of the most iconic nights  of the year, fans who have missed out on ASOT tickets but still want to catch Armin van Buuren in 2020 can attend his special 'This Is Me' show at the Ziggo Dome in MayThe unique once-in-a-lifetime show will draw together all facets of Armin van Buuren's sensational double-decade career, bringing the best from his mainstage performances and radio hits, as well as his iconic ASOT and 'Armin Only' events. Tickets for the special 'This Is Me' fan-show on 20 May have already sold out due to insatiable demand. The pre-sale will begin today at 16:00 CET for the remaining two shows on 21 and 22 May, and fans are urged to act quickly. The worldwide sale for these unmissable events will begin at 12:00 CET on 23 November.