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FADN Records has been now working on expanding electronic music across the globe. The label now works with Hungama Music, ROBA and AWAL for their distribution services. They plan to work with artists of dance music heritage worldwide to help bring their music to a larger audience. The label ‘FADN Records’ will be signing local artists and promoting them to the world.

FADN Records showcases diverse styles reaching across different shades of dance music, FADN Records looks set to provide the audience with genres ranging from electro house to deep, future house and bass grooves. The label seeks to promote new and rising artists from worldwide, providing them services such as Publishing, Distribution, Placement and more. The label focuses on putting the quality music first. The team promises to bring more efficient services for their artists, listeners as well as their partners.

Touching on the launch of the label, Adwaith stated ‘There has been an increasing amount of dance music fan base here in Trivandrum, India. So we’re pretty sure our releases can reach more people out here as well as worldwide. We, everyone in FADN, are working hard to make the label successful and reach a vast audience over the globe.’

The label, with plenty more announcements soon to come, upcoming years looks set for FADN Records and their artists!

<![CDATA[R3HAB Collides with TINI & Reik for Summer Latin Pop Anthem Bésame (I Need You)]]>Fri, 05 Jun 2020 11:15:39 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/r3hab-collides-with-tini-reik-for-summer-latin-pop-anthem-besame-i-need-you
R3HAB explores uncharted sonic territory on "Bésame (I Need You)," his sultry new collaboration with singer/actress TINI and Latin GRAMMY-winning Latin Pop trio Reik. We quickly find out what happens when three powerhouses of this magnitude come together, as the track subtly fuses exquisite elements of each one's signature sound. R3HAB delivers his deep, driving drum bass lines that serve as the backbone of the song, asking listeners to get up and dance, while Reik's influence plays with Latin-infused melodies that give "Bésame (I Need You)" exotic appeal. Platinum-certified TINI and Reik come together for a female/male vocal group, evoking images of a balmy and enthralling night out dancing. The single is out now on Hollywood Records and follows R3HAB's releases "Feel Alive" for "SCOOB!" movie's soundtrack as well as "Be Okay" with HRVY.
"Right after we started working on the song, it was clear what the sound of the track will be like. Tini & Reik brought the perfect energy, which you can hear throughout the entire song. "Besame (I Need You)" is being released right in time to provide these necessary summer vibes to our fans." - R3HAB

"I am so excited to work with Reik and Rehab. I find it very interesting to explore new musical styles, and Bésame definitely has a special sound, distinctive from other songs. I feel very honored to collaborate with these two great artists." - TINI

"We love the song. It's super energetic, it makes one dance and have fun all the time. It's one of those songs that you really just wanna jump to. Looking back, we remember meeting TINI at a concert in Argentina when she was 15, or so. It's crazy now having the song together with her. About R3HAB, we just recently met him, and we love what he does. He already remixed our earlier single "Si Me Dices Que Si," and it blew our mind, as he took the song to another dimension. Collaborating with R3HAB again is awesome" - Reik
Over the last eight years, the Dutch/Moroccan artist Fadil El Ghoul - better known as R3HAB - has established himself as a leader at the forefront of modern electronic music. His talent has been called the "future of the craft" by the likes of Forbes and Billboard, and he's circuited the globe's best clubs and festivals, all without the backing of a formal record label. In 2017, R3HAB independently released his debut album "Trouble" through his imprint CYB3RPVNK, which amassed over a half-billion streams globally and officially placed R3HAB among electronic music's heavy hitters. He made number 14 on DJ Mag's Top 100 list in 2019, topping the charts with tracks like "Lullaby" and "Hold On Tight," while his sophomore album "The Wave," revealing more complex, emotional and experimental layers of himself, has amassed over 250 million streams on Spotify alone. In 2019 R3HAB's “All Around The World”' with A Touch of Class quickly became his biggest ever record already topping 200M streams across platforms and achieving gold & platinum status in 8 countries. It was followed by "Flames," R3HAB's collaboration with ZAYN.

Since her 2016 debut album, TINI has become a global phenomenon, with a social following of 24 million and 3 billion combined audio and video streamsTINI toured Europe and Latin America on her headline "Quiero Volver" tour in 2019/2020, including 9 sold-out Luna Park shows in Buenos AiresTINI's most recent releases include "Recuerdo" (99 million combined streams), "Oye" (301 million combined streams), Gold-certified "Fresa" (379 million streams), and Platinum-certified "22" (365 million combined streams.) TINI has had numerous collaborations with fellow A-list artists, including Sebastian YatraKarol GMoratGreeicyCali y El DandeeMau & RickyAlessoJonas BlueAlvaro SolerOvy on the DrumsNacho and The VampsTINI will also be joining Alejandro Sanz as a judge on the upcoming season of THE VOICE (La Voz) in Spain, airing later this year.

Multi-platinum and award-winning group Reik is made up of band members Jesus Navarro (vocals), Julio Ramirez (acoustic guitar), and Bibi Marin (electric guitar). With a career spanning over 15 years, Reik are the most listened to Mexican band in the world. Reik’s top singles include “Aleluya” (110 + million audio streams), “Indeciso” (145 + million audio streams), “Me Niego” (575 + million audio streams), “Duele” (52 + million audio streams), “Amigos con Derechos” (337 + million audio streams), “Creo En Ti” (187 + million audio streams) and “Ya Me Entere” (421 + million audio streams.) Reik has a social following of over 45 million and appear courtesy of Sony Music Mexico.
<![CDATA[THIS IS IBIZA - TAKES YOU DEEP INTO THE DANCE MUSIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD]]>Fri, 05 Jun 2020 02:18:36 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/june-05th-2020
Stunning New Film 'This is Ibiza' Takes You Deep Into the Dance Music Capital of the World

This is Ibiza is a brand new and behind the scenes look at Ibiza, out to rent or buy June 5th on Amazon Prime. The sun soaked Balearic Island is the dance music capital of the world, where hedonism and world class clubbing experiences collide in a place of stunning natural beauty. Three years in the making by Directors Jody Hall and Mindaugas Volkis and hosted by Jermaine Whitehead-Bailey, you can watch a trailer for the movie here:
This is Ibiza is a unique window into a fantasy-like paradise that really conveys the magic of the island, how it became what it is and what it is like to be there. This immersive and authentic new film will take you on a special tour to one of the most famous (and infamous) islands in the entire world, where an extraordinary mix of night-life hedonism and spiritual evolution create a unique culture of dance, music and love.

With its mega clubs, breathtaking villas, once in a lifetime nights out, white sand beaches, world famous sunset parties and woodland hideaways, Ibiza has got a lot of negative press and media exposure, good and bad, over the years. This new film has a firm focus on the ever present spirit of freedom, love and music that made the electronic music explosion possible here, and then around the world. The White Isle is where it all started and is one of the few places on the planet where diversity does not bring conflict. All people are in harmony and truly coexist in true harmony. 

This fascinating new film consists of insightful interviews with the owners of the biggest brands and venues here as well as the new businesses. The likes of Elrow, Defected, Pacha, O Beach Ibiza, Chuckie, The Zoo Project, Sam Divine, Marco V, Darius Syrossian, Nick Warren, Lovely Laura, Eden Ibiza, Ibiza Club News, Café del Mar Ibiza, ANANESWORLD, DJ Sneak, Judge Jules, Pikes Ibiza and many more all feature. 

There are also voices such as the locals, upcoming DJs, music loving clubbers and the VIP clientele who have all been involved in Ibiza's evolution and rich story over the years. Interviews are illustrated with the activities inside the clubs, retreats, nature, boat trips and plenty more to give a real sense of history past and present. The whole film has a majestic melodic house vibe and the majority of the documentary soundtrack comes from talented Scottish producer and Ibiza resident James iD.
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The mighty Tiesto's  Musical Freedom  comes on with full force as he drops  its first 'self-titled' compilation in 11 years of releasing quality dancefloor music. 'Musical Freedom Unlimited' unites 20 superb dancefloor tracks from producers across the world, bringing the club into your home with its diverse and energetic flavours.  

Sunstars has played around with a strange, esoteric structure. "Be alright " is a little gem an expedition to the boundaries of house genre, with  a hypnotic old-school lead resonating in the distance. Classic, linear vibes mix in an unusual blend with futuristic sounds and samples.

Magnificence and his unique sound are always a pleasure to listen to. His creation with Ayor presents itself with a sparkling, bouncing entrée. The work on the percussions, the subtle underground aura in the break and the slow, aggressive, escalating preparation are some of the elements that really got me.

     Cheyenne Giles wants    to become the bad boy of this collection with an aggressive, shuffling bassline arrangement. Adding to that some catchy vocal snippets, the instrumental lashes with rhythmic groove. The breakdown switches to and alluring tone, while keeping a continuous tension towards the approaching drop segment.  
I liked the ethereal mood of the breakdown and at a certain point, it worked pretty well with that vocal loop of BYOR 's track called Feeling Right .

Unlimited is  a triumph,a good-time album  with a carefree,  groove feel and a raving  of music, building up kicks and heavy bass.
You're going to have to carve out a dancefloor for yourself somewhere, because there's no way you'll be able to avoid the urge to move when you listen to it.

Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/5hW7squVBuSfvR1SizgejR

@2020 DJ Mag Malaysia-  Simona Nardone 

<![CDATA[Liquid State announces its change in leadership]]>Tue, 02 Jun 2020 05:41:49 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/liquid-state-announces-its-change-in-leadership
Press Statement from Liquid State:

"We would like to announce changes regarding senior management at Liquid State.

Gunnar Greve has decided to move on from the Managing Director role at Liquid State and focus his attention on other business matters and family in Norway.  The Liquid State Board and staff would like to thank Gunnar for his contribution and leadership over the past 2 years as Liquid State, Asia's first dedicated Electronic Dance Music (EDM) music label, launched and established itself in the Asia market.  We wish Gunnar and his family the very best.
You will hear from us soon about our new Managing Director of Liquid State appointment. Until that time, and effective immediately, Andy Ng (Group Senior Advisor, Tencent Music Entertainment) and Andrew Chan (Managing Director, Greater China, Sony Music Entertainment) will jointly oversee the day to day operations of the Label.
Liquid State will continue to focus on emerging local Asian artist talent in the EDM field to create original content, as well as providing opportunities for international EDM artist collaborations in the region."
由腾讯音乐娱乐集团(NYSE:TME)及索尼音乐娱乐于2018年1月在香港联合成立的亚洲电子音乐厂牌Liquid State今日发布高层人事变动,原公司总经理Gunnar Greve,为了日后更好的关注其家庭以及在挪威的个人业务,已决定离职。Liquid State表示将尽快公布新任命总经理的通知。以下是来自Liquid State董事会的公开信:
Liquid State谨以此公布公司高级管理人员人事变动——
为日后更好的关注家庭以及在挪威的个人业务,原公司总经理Gunnar Greve先生已在日前离职。Liquid State董事会及全体职员对Gunnar Greve先生在过去2年里的贡献表示感谢,并对其与家人的未来生活寄予诚挚祝福。
公司董事会将会尽快公布新总经理的任命通知。在此之前,腾讯音乐娱乐集团高级顾问Andy Ng(吴伟林)及 索尼音乐娱乐大中华区董事总经理Andrew Chan(陈国威)将联合监理Liquid State日常业务及运营。
立足亚洲,致力于联动东西方音乐文化的 Liquid State电子音乐厂牌,将继续关注孵化亚洲电子音乐人,及开发中国与全球音乐发行合作。

<![CDATA[Brand New Single"I Need You" Out Now Via Smash The House]]>Tue, 02 Jun 2020 05:30:50 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/brand-new-singlei-need-you-out-now-via-smash-the-house
Stream/download: orcd.co/i_need_you

No stranger to bringing strength through collaboration, electro Italian duo Flaremode have previously released on Generation Smash alongside SCNDL and Casper Yu for the explosive ‘The Cross’ and bringing in a fresh network of sounds to 2020, they not link up with Highup and Boust on ‘I Need You’.

Commencing with vitamin D-boosted guitar flecks and a spacious, raw vocal that sensualises “I Think You Know What You’re Doing To Me”, ‘I Need You’ takes a Sunshine house direction with synth lines bubbling below and bass-tipped beats that add just the perfect amount of edge for an amalgamation of each artists style, never losing its level of elegance and radio-ready potential for a Summer release that will dominate livestreams and pepper mixes over the next few months.

With Highup bringing his Australian influence of raw electro talent and newcomer Boust injecting some feel-good magic as a new name to welcome into the scene with a sparkling future, make sure you get your hands on ‘I Need You’ from Flaremode, Highup and Boust – out May 29th via Generation Smash!

<![CDATA[WEIRD GENIUS ENTERED THE INTERNATIONAL ARENA WITH THEIR NEW SINGLE - LATHI]]>Fri, 29 May 2020 01:25:56 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/lathi
Made up of three very talented individuals - YB, Eka Gustiwana and Gerald Gerald, Weird Genius is the biggest it gets when it comes to electronic music in their homeland. Following on from the success of their previous single ‘Peanut Butter’ they recently unleashed ‘LATHI’ - their first release of 2020, and their biggest release yet.

The trio who played over 200 shows in 2019 and have supported the likes of The Chainsmokers were set to go even bigger this year with debut performances slated around Asia. However shortly after performing at the Indonesian Billboard Music Awards they were forced to cancel all their upcoming shows. While the dancefloors may have been empty, the meteoric rise of their club focused track “LATHI” has since proved to be inevitable. 
The new single is an ode to the sounds of Indonesia’s region of Java and it features local singer and rapper Sara Fajira. Since it’s release they have garnered over 35 million streams online and ‘LATHI’ has now held the #1 spot on Indonesia’s Top 50 Spotify chart for over two weeks - outperforming global superstars such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Melanie Martinez. 

In addition to Spotify, it’s also claimed #1 positions on platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube, Joox and TikTok. Now it’s going international, entering Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50 and flying up to #1 in their neighbouring country of Malaysia while charting similarly in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and more.  

The captivating music video which was released with the track offers up a stunning visual and it’s spawned into a viral trend of it’s own with fans recreating the haunting make-up seen within it. So far the video has had more than 25 million views and is the most viewed music video in the country.
The lyrics of LATHI speak of a relationship full of lies and egos that ‘says’ love but only hurts. Despite exploring the dark side of a relationship, upbeat music and honest lyrics bring the meaning of courage and a strong will in the face of ‘a toxic relationship’.

‘LATHI’ is available via download and streaming on all digital music platforms.

<![CDATA[Dancefair launches free virtual music conference]]>Thu, 28 May 2020 09:35:03 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/dancefair-launches-free-virtual-music-conference
Join the world’s biggest online conference for electronic music for FREE*

Is there still any unexplored territory in the vast landscape of electronic music conferences? Globally renowned music conference Dancefair thinks so as they announce the biggest online music conference the world has ever seen with over 200 program parts, all available for free at the click of a button. In unprecedented times where most events around the world have closed their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dancefair has taken it to the next level by announcing this first ever virtual online edition will take place on 5th and 6th of September 2020. 

And the good thing is attendees are admitted free of charge during the whole 48 hour, non-stop conference. There will be 16 virtual rooms packed with masterclasses, workshops, panels and a virtual expo floor will be accessible. Next to all of this there will be virtual demodrops, 1-on-1 sessions, countless chat rooms for like minded music makers in their own genres and loads more is to be expected. 
Over the last 9 years the event has grown to become the go-to gathering for 7000 music makers and music professionals from all around the globe. 500 artists like Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Pan-Pot, DJ Sneak, Armin van Buuren, Wildstylez, Kevin Saunderson and Joris Voorn shared their musical knowledge at previous editions at their Dutch conference venue have have given insights on music production, and their road to success as artists. 

Also a variety of industry professionals like bookers, promoters and labels have been sharing their ideas on the industry and how to stay physically connected. And now, the same will happen online for everyone to attend from anywhere in the world. The organisation opens its virtual doors for an expected 10.000 attendees. Dancefair virtual is free of charge. A registration is all there is to it. 

Dancefair founder Norman Soares:We found a way to keep everyone safe and to still deliver the connection and celebration that have brought so many of you to the event each year. We have decided to hold Dancefair virtually and we’ll release details about what that will look like over the next month.”

What can you expect:
    Music production masterclasses by some of the biggest artists in electronic music
    Virtual expo floor featuring renowned gear brands
    Mixing and mastering workshops by leading audio engineers
    Live Q&A’s with some of the hottest artists
    Music publishing panels
    Music label panels
    Music business keynotes
    Event industry talks
    Virtual Demodrops

Want to participate in this historic event? Make sure you sign up at www.dancefair.nl. The offline conference is planned for 31st October to November 1st 2020 in Utrecht in the Netherlands. 
<![CDATA[Stream City Live from Dubrovnik, Croatia]]>Wed, 27 May 2020 10:30:29 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/may-27th-2020
World renowned social media brand Mr. Afterparty and BSH Events hosted the first of their new series “Steam City Live” in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on May 24th.  People from all over the world tuned in, with a reach of 500,000 and more than 200,000 views in all.

This inaugural event came live from the ancient walls of “The Pearl of the Adriatic” and 1st World’s Quarantined City back in 1377 and will be followed by more special streams from some of Europe's finest cities. It was a high quality affair with HD sound and vision and DJ sets that really took viewers on a journey and gave them a colourful window into the beautiful city. 

This new series is a blend of music and culture to emphasise the historic heritage value of the cities, their highly modern character, culture and unique architecture, through impressive ad hoc recorded cityscape images mostly taken during lockdown by advanced drones as never seen before, so is more than just a visual exploration.
Stay tuned for more announcements and upcoming episodes bringing you different locations from around the world, produced in partnership with local promoters & government bodies specially for "Stream City Live”.
<![CDATA[R3HAB and HRVY Send a Powerful Positive Message to Fans in Quarantine]]>Fri, 22 May 2020 12:10:44 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/news/may-22nd-2020
R3HAB teamed up with British pop sensation HRVY for his new single "Be Okay," a dance-pop gem that is sure to lift your spirits. With organic, breezy melodies that softly roll into a groovy breakdown, "Be Okay" evokes images of those times spent with loved ones and friends old and new that can seem so far away given the current state of the world. HRVY's soulful vocals give the heartfelt lyrics life, and the track's accompanying music video is just the type of feel-good content we need right now. The song sends a simple and yet powerful message - that we're all in this together, and everything is truly going to be okay. R3HAB and HRVY weight in on the new single below: 

"When Harvey reached out to me, I sent him the song, and he recorded his vocals in no time. From the first time I heard it, I knew we had something special to give to our fans. I hope they like the end result as much as we do, and 'Be okay' will make the quarantine period more bearable for everyone who listens to it." - R3HAB

"I heard this song months before I recorded it, and it put a smile on my face. I reached out to R3HAB to be on the song and recorded it to see how I sounded. Everyone really liked it, so I'm super excited to see "Be Okay" coming out. I hope this puts a smile on everyone's face during quarantine, excited for the video too, as its a homage to the fans." - HRVY
Over the last eight years, the Dutch/Moroccan artist Fadil El Ghoul - better known as R3HAB - has established himself as a leader at the forefront of modern electronic music. His talent has been called the "future of the craft" by the likes of Forbes and Billboard, and he's circuited the globe's best clubs and festivals, all without the backing of a formal record label. In 2017, R3HAB independently released his debut album "Trouble" through his imprint CYB3RPVNK, which amassed over a half-billion streams globally and officially placed R3HAB among electronic music's heavy hitters. He made number 14 on DJ Mag's Top 100 list in 2019, topping the charts with tracks like "Lullaby" and "Hold On Tight," while his sophomore album "The Wave," revealing more complex, emotional and experimental layers of himself, has amassed over 250 million streams on Spotify alone. In 2019 R3HAB's "All Around The World" with A Touch of Class quickly became his biggest ever record already topping 200M streams across platforms and achieving gold & platinum status in 8 countries. It was followed by "Flames," R3HAB's collaboration with ZAYN. Stay tuned to see what this ever-evolving artist has up his sleeve next!