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You’ve had ‘Music Rescues Me’, the single. Last month we gave you Music Rescues Me’, the preview show (presented at London’s titan Printworks). We reckon appetites have been whetted enough.
Main event time.

‘Music Rescues Me’ - the album - is the ninth collection to be delivered by pioneering electronic musician, composer and performer, Paul van Dyk. Containing artistic collaborations with Alex M.O.R.P.H., Sue McLaren, Jordan Suckley, Plumb, Saad Ayub, Lostly and a host of other talents, December 7 will see its release.

Commenting on the album’s context, Paul says: “though it might have been its seed, this new album is not about music bringing one person back from the brink. Its theme reaches beyond that. This is about music’s ability to open us up, to stimulate mental imagery, to unlock or bring back memories. It’s about its often hard-to-fathom capacity to support us, to get us through our tougher or more challenging times, as well as soundtracking the good ones, and making them even better. This, to me, goes beyond the mere ‘inspirational’. This is something else. That music can ‘unlock’ us, allow us to access emotions and places our mind might not otherwise go to is nothing less than extraordinary. It’s both force and a gift. I feel that’s a big part of what keeps it so magical for me - indeed for all of us. So this album is a celebration of this most mysterious, impalpable and wonderful aspects of music’s nature”.

Not for nothing is ‘Music Rescues Me’ the most swiftly followed-up-on PvD long-player (just 14 months separate it and the release of ‘From Then On’ in 2017). If ever “do today” was Paul’s guiding principle in ‘98 or ‘08, it goes a dozen times over in 2018. Stimulus driven by his recuperation from the now-well-documented events of spring 2016 has had the profoundest of effects on van Dyk’s life-view. That has been expressed most clearly through his professional work, taking the form of a tap-wide-open creative stream. Telegraphing Paul’s developmental, progressing and to-the-future outlook, it’s one that’s echoed by the vibrant state of the music scene in which he operates.
For the album, a number of last year’s co-producers have been invited back to the studio with Paul. Alex M.O.R.P.H., James Cottle, Jordan Suckley and Tristan D (under his new Delta One guise) are some of those who’ve returned to Berlin to write follow-up tracks. With even deeper roots in the PvD universe, there are also vocal contributions from Sue McLaren (‘Lights’/’We Come Together’) and Plumb (‘I Don’t Deserve You’).

Equally though you’re going to be hearing co-productions with artists Paul’s in studio partnership with for the first time. “Alan Wyse, Steve Deekay, Saad Ayub, Rafael Osmo, Project 8, Lostly - these are musicians from around the world who, week-in, week-out, we see lighting up the VONYC forums, he says. The producers who’ve really risen in estimation for me. Sound-wise, each one has their own area and represents a different sub-style within our shared field. It’s these shades, grades & tones, meshed with my own, that open up a whole world of new musical angles for this, my ninth album”.

With the album primed for release December 2018, Paul offers a final reading on ‘Music Rescues Me’s title. “The ‘Me’, he clarifies refers to ‘you, me, us - everyone’. ‘Rescue’ means less ‘save’, but more ‘liberate’ or ‘free’. My greatest aspiration for this release is that people - either now, or in years to come – listening to ‘Music Rescues Me will find that one of its tracks elevates, alleviates, opens them up, or takes them out of themselves. That’s the point at which I’ll consider it a success”.  

Paul van Dyk’s ninth studio album ‘Music Rescues Me’ is released 07.12 and is available to pre-order here.
(https://apple.co/2QBw2lb ). YouTube album preview also online here (https://youtu.be/XMAY9LEKIpc)

Tracklist: Paul van Dyk - Music Rescues Me

01. Paul van Dyk & Lostly - Amanecer
02. Paul van Dyk, Alan Wyse & Sue McLaren - You Are 
03. Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Voyager
04. Paul van Dyk & Chris Bekker - Solar Snapshot
05. Paul van Dyk ft. Plumb – Music Rescues Me (PvD Club Mix)
06. Paul van Dyk & Steve Dekay - Aurora
07. Paul van Dyk & Saad Ayub - Future Memories
08. Paul van Dyk & Rafael Osmo – Moments With You
09. Paul van Dyk & Delta One - Lost Angels
10. Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley - Accelerator
11. Paul van Dyk – Mission Control
12. Paul van Dyk & Project 8 – Made Of Stars
13. Paul van Dyk – Time Traveler
14. Paul van Dyk – Reprise


‘We are dreamers. Soul searchers. #Voyagers. We drift along, deep in thought, our minds craving exploration and our eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures’. The latest joint venture from one of trancedom’s most dependable studio partnerships takes a look at life through a deeper, more philosophical lens this November.

Having bossed the Beatport trance chart with a record-breaking run on ‘We Are’, earlier this year Paul & Alex’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ reserved ‘From Then On’s best till last. Now, beating the expectation drum that bit louder for the arrival of the ‘Music Rescues Me’ album, the double Deutsch pairing reconvene on the profoundly atmospheric ‘Voyager’. Debuted as an ID during ‘MRM’s Printworks preview, Paul went on to hit Europe’s biggest trance room with the track, closing out his Transmission set - to the clear delight of 18,000+ fans - with ‘Voyager’. 
The track itself, well if the above-mentioned singles took you to some special places, safe to say that ‘Voyager’s going to go way beyond. Paul & Alex build up its bass & drum resonance, before lighting up the thermals with shimmering, chiming sub-melody, plucked super-strings, zephyr-ish pads and air-spun piano notes. As the full reach of its irresistible siren-song harmony is felt, the pair gift ‘Voyager’ a heartfelt mainline, which ebulliently takes it to the heavens.

Helping you through the final days & hours before ‘Music Rescues Me’ drops in full, step aboard Paul & Alex’s ‘Voyager’ here, from today here. (https://apple.co/2QBw2lb 


01: ‘Voyager’ (Original Album Mix)





<![CDATA[DJ MAG MALAYSIA PRESENTS: THE LENG SISTERS]]>Fri, 19 Oct 2018 08:48:25 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/dj-mag-malaysia-presents-the-leng-sisters
Started from humble roots in Kuantan, Malaysia; now successfully gaining global recognition for your multi-talented personas. 

Being known for their straightforward and carefree personalities, here is what the hottest DJ sister-duo in town has to say during an interview session recently with our DJ Mag Malaysia representative, Alicia K.

1. Amongst the many talents that you showcase on social media, fans are aware that you started piano since a very young age; did that contribute in inspiring you to venture into the field of DJ-ing?
Leng Yein: I started playing since I was five years old and music had always been in my life ever since. All genres are beautiful in its [own] way and I respect all the artists and aspiring artists who put their time and focus and hard work so passionately into expressing themselves. In a way, yes. It does contribute to my career as a DJ.

2. How does it feel to have a sister duo on the team? Has it helped strengthen your sisterhood bonds when you perform together?
Leng Sisters: I needed my sister with me as a team because we are always a team since we are young. Our bond has always been very very close, strong and solid. Having different partners around the world I sometimes don’t feel the connection in delivering my 100%. With my sister as my partner, all our shows are always a perfect 10. Us working together or not isn’t the reason our bond is strong. We are unbreakable since we were born. She is the most perfect human being to me in my life and she will always and forever be. I am always confident and happy by her side.

3. Both of you are very active on social media, recently live-streaming about your adventures of learning to be a mermaid. *fun stuff* With a busy schedule like that, how do you manage to find time to groom & expand your DJ-ing skills?
Leng Sisters: Basically our shows are back to back so when we are on show it is real life practice. I did not aim to be extraordinary. We are just two hustlers trying to give our best to every crowd we have and so far we haven’t fail any and we are thankful for all the support and love from our fans. We are on world tour but we will always take time off for our family. And we always take time to learn new things because life is not just about mastering one. We can be anything we wanted to be because we are capable of doing that and we are thankful.

4. Whose music are you currently addicted to?
Leng Sisters: There are too many to begin with. So we don’t have just one.

5. We have seen both of you DJ & hype up crowds at crazy parties in the region. What’s the most important thing that comes through your minds when performing live on stage?
Leng Sisters: We have to bear in mind that different regions and countries love and prefer different genres and performances. So we have to sort of know or study about the crowd first, a little before we start our set. We only do live sets and I have a lot of songs selections so there will be no problem on performing to different crowds and age groups. Our experience taught us a lot.

6. For those who aren’t as familiar with your music, how would you describe your music style to them?
Leng Sisters: Unpredictable, because we only do live sets so there are no fixed styles or whatnot. But as usual, we play FOR the crowd so the normal crowd would love the billboards and the popular top chart songs. If its a huge rave, then it will be our remixes etc.

7. If given the chance to collaborate with any DJs in the world, who would you pick, and why?
Leng Sisters: I would appreciate any offer from any DJs in the world because I’m open format and I respect all the artists as a person. There are no favorites. To us, everyone is unique and special. We respect everyone. And we appreciate passion.

8. The Leng Sisters have always been seen as advocates for speaking out for what they believe in. Would you have any advice for those who view you as role models in pursuing their dreams/ careers?
Leng Sisters: Take a leap of faith, make no regrets in life. And Never ever stop being a better version of yourself, for yourself. Never listen to just everyone, never overthink of the what if’s, think of the why nots. At the end of the day, its YOUR life and no one is responsible for your life but yourself.

9. What can fans expect next from the both of you in the upcoming months?
Leng Sisters: We will be touring around most the time so get ready to see us in USA, around Europe, Indonesia, Taiwan, japan, china, basically around Asia etc. Follow us on social media for upcoming shows @lengsean @lengyein

Words & interview by Alicia K @aliciafireheart
<![CDATA[ASIA'S LARGEST ELECTRONIC MUSIC CONFERENCE + FESTIVAL RETURNS TO KUALA LUMPUR & EXPANDS ACROSS BORDERS]]>Wed, 17 Oct 2018 15:08:45 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/asias-largest-electronic-music-conference-festival-returns-to-kuala-lumpur-expands-across-bordersWIRED MUSIC WEEK ANNOUNCES RETURN ON MARCH 2019
An honest initiative aspiring to connect the present and future generation of music industry leaders is making its way back to the community once again this coming March 2019.  Wired Music Week aims to help lay the foundation for a sustainable career in the modern music scene. It serves as a one-stop hub for music enthusiasts to learn, network, develop, and advance as a community. The campaign was created in the mind of developing a solid platform to connect the Western culture to Asian cultivation within the music industry.

A initiative close to heart, put together by passion and soul, here is what John Beh had to say about this project, “Wired Music Week is a very special project for the team and myself. It’s great to know that we are able to assist those in the industry who are keen to learn while acting as a bridge to connect them within our resources and capability. We’re stoked for the second edition [of WMW] and are in works of planning more exclusive content and partnering with brands, sponsors alongside our elite team to create an extraordinary conference and festival, which will wow the hearts of many in Southeast Asia.”
|| DATE  : 7, 8, 9, 10 MARCH 2019, THURSDAY - SUNDAY



​*all WMW ticket sales are spilt into 4 phases. Save up to RM75 by getting your tickets early!


After a successful kick-start of Wired Music Week during May 2018, the creator of this initiative decided to launch WMW Session. The new movement acts as a 1-Day Crash Course for Electronic Music Industry. It plans to host a range of seminars, panels, interactive sessions, and later, paired with an after-hours session at night.  

WMW Session is an sub component which will be managed by the Team of Wired Music Week alongside local partners around the South East Asia (SEA) to curate specific content beneficial to fit each local market in their own unique way. The first venture in spreading the wings of WMW is to Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia before the launch of WMW 2019: Second Edition takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
WMW SESSIONS event details as follows:
|| WMW Session, Brunei _ 27th Oct, 2018 (Saturday)
|| WMW Session, Vietnam _ 11th Nov, 2018 (Sunday)
|| WMW Session, Philippines15th Dec, 2018 (Saturday)
|| WMW Session, Indonesia11th Jan, 2019 (Friday)
For more info, visit www.wiredmusicweek.com
<![CDATA[Martin Garrix & Blinders kick off ADE week with new collab Breach (Walk Alone)]]>Mon, 15 Oct 2018 09:40:12 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/martin-garrix-blinders-kick-off-ade-week-with-new-collab-breach-walk-alone
Cast your mind back to July and Martin Garrix's standout Tomorrowland set. 8 minutes and 30 seconds in saw a glorious anthem explode into life for the first time, with many of the 15 million viewers to date clamouring over the identity of the track. Now this absolute gem emerges, ready to kick off ADE week.

This huge track is a collaboration between Garrix and STMPD family member Blinders, and goes by the name of Breach (Walk Alone). Powered by a lead line that recalls classic hard house, it's an enormous slab of electro house with a sweet female vocal at its core. A serious fist-pumper of a track, it's been one of the most sought-after tracks in the scene since Garrix dropped it on Tomorrowland.

ADE week next week is looking huge for Garrix and the STMPD RCRDS family. On October 17 at United Studios, he will hosts the STMPD RCRDS label night—with Blinders amongst lots of other artists on the bill—with the launch event of his book 'LIFE = CRAZY' on the same day. Then on October 19 and 20 he holds his two headline shows at the city's gargantuan RAI Amsterdam. And there's even more to come still...

<![CDATA[Interview With Dannic At Unite With Tomorrowland Taiwan]]>Tue, 25 Sep 2018 14:40:04 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/interview-with-dannic-at-unite-with-tomorrowland-taiwan
We all know Dannic! This amazing Duch Dj and Producer that was in DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll placing 4 years in a row as of 2016, and released so many huge tracks like ‘Viper’, ‘Golden Hearts’, ‘Feel Your Love’, ‘Light The Sky’ and right after ‘Noise’, that also shot to #1 on the Beatport Big Room Chart...

He gave us an exclusive interview before his set at Unite With Tomorrowland Taiwan talking about his new record deal with Spinnin' Records, his career and don't forget to check out his new track called "Tenderlove"!

Let's start talking about your song with Polina Griffith"Falling In Love", Can you tell us something about this song and how did this collaboration started?


As you know I just signed with Spinnin for several releases, so back in the days I was a huge fan of Polina's Disco House Tracks, so I just send her a few things, then we were like "Oh Man! We have the right sound for the track" . So we actually took the original vocal and made something totally new. More like Ibiza vibes, I wanted to make a club track but with good vibes! And She loved it, she said "Yeah! Let's do it!". But I've never met her, that's the crazy part, the whole idea I made during the 4 days I was in China, in a hotel room. And I'm happy because it's what I really like to play when I'm partying myself, it's the Ibiza style. 

We want to know about your new record deal with Spinnin! Are you excited?


Spinnin for me is the world's biggest dance label for sure, and I still can release whatever I want to release or review and I can still release on my own record label. But the more vocal driven tracks are going to be released on Spinnin because they have such a big network and I want my music to be played in my own way, on my own fun. 

To a different audience?


Not only club music anymore. I'm still the label boss, I still do everything, I just say "Ok, this is a release, please put it online".
Are you excited to be here in Taipei to headline Tomorrowland Unite?


I'm super excited because last year I was booked here as well but then the Typhoon (Big Storm) came in and I actually traveled 12 hours before I notice that so it was pretty hard. And now we're back here and I'm really happy because it was so hot today but without a doubt, people went really really hard. I've never expected so much energy !! I did a great job and the atmosphere was really, really good!

Here you are really popular, so how does it felt like to be one of the most expected Dj's on stage today?


If you say so... I'm just really happy to be here and I'm really happy to play a lot of new tracks and the Old School Dannic's tracks with the progressive sound. It's a dream come true. 

If you could just pick 5 songs, which ones are the "Must Play" in your set?


Right now, my collaboration with Hardwell, then the new Progressive House track that i've made. The "Fallin In Love" ones, because actually with all the heavy tracks is the perfect in-between part with the relaxing stuff and good vibes. 
And I really love "Power" by Hardwell and KSHMR. I also love this new track of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Nicky Romero, is groovy and with a lot of energy. I and love how that it's coming back, a lot of EDM from 2013/2014 is coming back now. Finally, people are not trying to do the new Chainsmokers's music anymore and they're just going back to their roots.

Please leave a message for your fans in Asia!


I'm always overwhelmed by how many fans are here in Asia for me and they are so dedicated as well, so they know every song and I really can't wait to show them my new music especially what I said before the "old school Dannic's Sound" with the progressive melodies and the big room sound. I've just worked really hard to make everyone happy! 

Follow Dannic

​@2018 DJ Mag Malaysia 
<![CDATA[Jean Marie Live At Ultra Music Festival Miami - The Highlights]]>Thu, 06 Sep 2018 06:44:32 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/jean-marie-live-at-ultra-music-festival-miami-the-highlights
Jean Marie

Italian producer/DJ Jean Marie is a man in no need of an introduction. He’s created some massive hits, working with everyone from Flo Rida to Snoop Dogg, and even Marta Sanchez. Additionally, he’s played best stages around the world including Space Ibiza and main stage at Ultra Miami and Ultra Europe.
Among all of these accomplishments, perhaps the most notable is that Jean Marie is one of the first ever Italians to ever get to play Ultra’s prestigious main stage. This past year, his good friend and colleague, Ultra resident Mykris, invited him on stage for an electrifying and unforgettable moment to premiere his brand new single, “Moonlight Fiesta”, that you can watch here: 

The single is pure gold, and is followed up in perfect fashion with remixes from Mykris & Kevu who provide thunderous edits to the original. Keep an eye out for Jean Marie’s “Moonlight Fiesta” coming soon!
Jean Marie
<![CDATA[Petey Mac & YabE' Team Up For Techno Smash, “Every Other Night” [Altru:Prism Records]]]>Wed, 05 Sep 2018 16:13:46 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/petey-mac-yabe-team-up-for-techno-smash-every-other-night-altruprism-records
Nashville is a city that’s growing at a rapid rate, and with that is the rise of dance music, especially that of techno and tech house. Nashville’s very own Petey Mac & Yabé are two artists that are contributing heavily to scene, and have come together for the very 1st time for their techno smash, “Every Other Night”.

“Every Other Night” takes you on a journey to the underground that is fascinating the whole way through. Driven by a gritty bass and an infectious groove, this track proves it’s one that is ready to make the dance floors shake.

“‘Every Other Night’ is our first collaboration together. It all started at my old studio with Gabe. Fueled by iced coffee, we began testing lots of different ideas and soon had a thumping house track on our hands. We’ve fine tuned it over the past few months, making it something I really believe will move people all around the world. I couldn’t be happier to release it via Altru: Prism. I really admire them and am honored to be their very first release!”

Connect with Petey Mac:
https://www.djpeteymac.com/ https://www.instagram.com/djpeteymac/ https://www.facebook.com/djpeteymac/ https://twitter.com/djpeteymac https://soundcloud.com/djpeteymac

​Connect with ​Yabé: https://www.instagram.com/dancetoyabe/ https://soundcloud.com/dancetoyabe
<![CDATA[Julian Jordan at Unite With Tomorrowland Taiwan]]>Mon, 03 Sep 2018 08:56:23 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/julian-jordan-at-unite-with-tomorrowland-taiwan
Julian Jordan is such an amazing DJ and producer, with 23-year-old and so many accomplishments in his career in Electronic Music. Most known for his hit "Kangaroo" with Sander Van Doorn, and "BFAM" with Martin Garrix. He is back with us for an exclusive interview right after his performance at Unite with Tomorrowland Taiwan. 

Julian told us about his new track called "Bounce That" with Olly James, his career, fans and his performance as a headliner of this amazing event.

Come and check it!
Hi Julian! It's so nice to have you back with us! We want to know about your new song with Olly James and how this collaboration started?

Olly and I, we know each other for quite a time right now, I've invited him to play with me in my ADE Night last year and it was an amazing success, we did a back to back. We thought "we have to make a song together", so after that, we just started to make music and we did a song together called "Bounce That" and right now we are working on a new track as well. There's going to be some exciting stuff.

So same music genre? Same energy?

Yes, it will be a follow up of "Bounce That"!

So you are always traveling all over the world. In which country do you think your music is most appreciated?

That is hard to say... I played a few times in Guatemala and I love that place, I have a big fan base there, but also all over Asia, my music is very appreciated. Japan is a really big market for me, I have a great fan base. But China is hot right now, and Taiwan is crazy for me because is my second time here, I see so many reactions, fans... I can't just pick one country.
Asia has an energy that I can't really compare.

So are you excited to play here at Tomorrowland Unite Taiwan?

Absolutely, this is an amazing event and I love the way that they try to give the Tomorrowland experience all over the world, not only in Belgium. So if you can't go to Belgium, you can go here, and have the same kind of vibe, an experience that you have there. I really think that is great, and it's something that I really admire, I love to play here and I love to give the people of Tomorrowland's vibe and the feeling that they would have there. So maybe when they see me play next year they will say, I will have to go to Tomorrowland.

If you could just pick four songs you play the most in your set, which songs you would say?


Right now I would have to say...
I have a new track coming up, for me it's a "must play", I really like this one because it gives the most energy to my sets, it's gonna be called "Fire", because it's a track with a lot of energy. The second one for me would be the Martin Garrix's and Loopers new track!
The third one, ahhh let's think... Actually right now I love to play "Levels" by Avicii because you see the reaction it gives to everyone in the crowd. Especially now when you see that there's love for him and his music so much, that it's super great to remember him and his music by just playing a song and you can see what it does to everyone in the crowd.
And of course, "Bounce That", I've  played everytime. That is also a track that I play a lot in my set's, I made it with Olly James, an amazing producer, and DJ. 

Thank you, Julian!!
Please leave a message to your fans in Asia:

So to everyone listening to me right now, checking me out on Instagram, everywhere, I love you guys, I hope you have a great time wherever you are and I hope to see you soon on a festival or a club near you. We will be back in Asia soon!

<![CDATA[Tom Staar and Eddie Thoneick : Otherside - Axtone]]>Sun, 02 Sep 2018 08:50:35 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/tom-staar-and-eddie-thoneick-otherside-axtone
At the core of being a great DJ is the ability to select the perfect song to play at the perfect moment to take the dancefloor on a journey.  The same could be said of an artist or a producer, writing or finding the perfect song to express emotion and tell a story.  Long time friends of the label, Tom Staar & Eddie Thoneick have collaborated to deliver something special for the close of summer and beyond, that combines Tom’s sonics and Eddie’s classic house sensibilities
The haunting beauty of the outerworldly vocals, the message of the lyrics, and the epic production combine to make a song that is instantly memorable and emotionally moving. Her vocal delivery morphs with the intensity of the track – increasing and decreasing in power and control.
Then, the explosion of the incessant hook brings the energy of a massive Ibiza party, that infinite power that a repeated sound has to motivate you to abandon all inhibitions and let yourself become part of the crowd.  It’s also one of those rare records that grow on you every time, with no burn factor whatsoever.
I could continue to describe the journey through various realms of flashback progressive, but it’s best experienced yourself.
@Simona Nardone
<![CDATA[METAFO4R: Best Part Of Me]]>Sun, 02 Sep 2018 08:46:36 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/metafo4r-best-part-of-me
METAFO4R does not deliver just electronic dance music but stand for a complete main stage show with a different perspective on existing sounds and live elements. It’s DubVision and Firebeatz, but tilted and colorized with each member in possession of their own neon color. It’s build on the fortitude of two outstanding duo’s but adds chemistry and its mission to revive the rave culture, hence the neon colors.
“Its really awesome working together as METAFO4R. We all have different musical backgrounds and working with the four of us also brings a guaranteed huge amount of energy and creativity to the table, both in the studio and on stage.” –
The first official single they release as a quartet is ‘Best Part Of Me’.
An authentic heartfelt vocal takes over telling a love story, trying to redeem the one he loves so much.
The track immediately put you into a state where you can soak up everything that’s going on.   Catchy and ready for a sing-along, the lyrics and vocal delivery are what make “Best part of me” the track it is. It is a perfect laid-back pop song.
The track is heartfelt and meaningful,   where his voice resonates as if he is at first letting you, and only you, in on a secret. As his voice raises in volume, he begins to let more people in. Suddenly you realize the world is listening in on this secret as well, and you don’t mind because the excellent relaxing pop mood of the music has put you at ease.

 Metaf4or’s debut is not only enchanting, but intelligent and subtle.

“It was a big challenge to produce an entire set with solely new music, but it was a fun and inspiring process. We are very happy how our first two shows as METAFO4R at EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland turned out and really excited to further evolve our live shows! For our Tomorrowland set we added a few live elements and we plan to further expand this for our future sets as METAFO4R.”
@Simona Nardone