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Ancestrale Art & Management is a project created by artists for all the artists who want to be known and who propose their creativity. Everything is based on communication and collaboration between you, us and the artists who adhere to the project, able to create a significant synergy of contacts.


We love your Ancestrale project, It’s fresh and modern.
How this collaboration started?

Enza Canestrale: After years in this sector, me and Jean Marie have joined contacts and forces to blossom this project. In 2018 Ancestrale Art & Management was born to give all artists the chance to have a Management that is closer to different needs, but above all to create opportunities to emerge and invest in them by becoming part of a self-supporting community.

What are you expecting from this Malaysia tour?

Jean Marie:  This is my 3rd time performing in Malaysia, the people are really party lover and i am sure i will find some hot dance-floor. It will be my very first time in the city of Malacca, they told me that is a wonderful city and clubs are cool. I am expecting to get lots of good vibes!

Farkas: Hi guys, I’m Farkas! For my first tour in Malaysia I have many expectations and curiosities!

Luna Palumbo: I grew up with big dreams. Get to live this tour is more big than I dreamed.

Peter Torre: I have never imagined to arrive to Malaysia with my music. First with a single, now with my dj set.

T Guys: ​Certainly a lot of positive energy. the Malaysian public is one of the warmest there is and it is one of the places where we can express ourselves artistically in the best way.

Leave a message for your fans in Malaysia:

Jean Marie: I love KL and i love Malaysia, i think is one of the best country in the world. I love to perform for my fans over there and i am looking forward to see all the girls and boys jumping over the dancefloor!

Farkas: I've never been in to this country and thanks to this tour I have the chance to visit it!

Luna Palumbo: I can’t wait to share my vibes with  all of you.

Peter Torre: I want you singing and blow up on every track.

T Guys ​we can't wait to see you jump to the rhythm of our music !!

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<![CDATA[Exclusive Interview With B Jones]]>Sun, 06 Oct 2019 07:56:25 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/exclusive-interview-with-b-jones
B Jones is considered by the public and the electronic music industry, to be one of the most outstanding and charismatic Ambassadors of Ibiza. She is an Ibiza stronghold, and festival maven and she embodies the authentic and gypsy spirit of the island. 

Like no other, she has passion, charisma and a true connection with the crowd, which made her become the fastest rising artist in Spain and the Spanish media can’t stop talking about her. She has been the face of the worldwide club brand Pacha Ibiza (which is considered a relevant brand in the electronic music industry to represent and tour around the world with), as well as the Brand Ambassador of Rum Barcelo - the biggest Rum brand in Spain & South America.

She has played at the best festivals in her home country, Spain, such as Dreambeach festival, where she opened for Tiësto, Alamos Beach Festival or Arona Summer Festival to name a few. Today, playing in line ups together with headliners such as earlier mentioned Tiësto (F1 Abu Dhabi and Dreambeach ), Martin Garrix ( F1 Abu Dhabi ), Dannic (Ministry of Sound), Eric Morillo (Teatro Oasis), The Chainsmokers ( Ushuaïa) or Bob Sinclar (Tantra Ibiza), is becoming common for her. She was also one of the headliners at UNITE WITH TOMORROWLAND LEBANON 2018 along Laidback Luke and Borgeous. In 2019, B Jones joined the outstanding ELECTROLAND FESTIVAL in Disney Paris along Jax Jones, Nicky Romero & Alesso.

In Ibiza, B Jones conquered her position to participate in the best residencies at the most noted venues of Ibiza like Ushuaia, where last year she had a residency with Kygo on Sundays, and played along with Alan Walker, Don Diablo or Oliver Heldens among many others. Last summer, Hï Ibiza at Cream Ibiza welcomed her every Sunday to take place behind the decks, right before Hardwell, Steve Angello, Diplo or Diego Miranda. This summer 2019, she is back with a residency @ Hï biza with F**IMF by David Guetta.

Fresh of the production needle: B Jones’ Far West, OUT on 9th May. Another musical bomb has been dropped with the Remix for Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
( Savages ) on Sono music / Armada, reaching #2 @ Spotify.

That B Jones is a ‘busy bee’ is quite the understatement with 6 new tracks ready to burst onto the scene in the next 5 months. Cherries on the cake are: another remix for SJRM ( Coffee shop ) , a new Remix for Bruno Martini (Youngr ) and a Remix for Spanish Latin Heavyweight Sergio Contreras ( Princesa de mi cuento ) along her own productions like That´s Life, Baila Coño and Wonderland by Sirup Music.

Her podcasts “COME CLOSER TO IBIZA“ are also very in demand and are being broadcast at more than 35 radio stations around the world: Digitally Imported, EJR radio, Ultra Venezuela, BNR Germany and Traffic FM, to name a few.

As a result of her talent and activities she maintains a constant position in the global TOP of DJs, placing herself at the #39 position (Djanemag). She has been nominated several times as “Best Artist of the Year” by Vicious Awards, the largest Music Magazine in Spain.

All the above mentioned supports an evident reality: B Jones holds a really important position in the future of the electronic music industry, with her successful productions and her outstanding upcoming tour calendar.
​1) Hi B Jones , can you tell us something about the dance scene in Europe and most specifically in Spain?

In this moment, the music scene in general many different styles of music have arrived, notably urban and latin styles. The scene is now a lot more diverse.

2) What about your Ibiza experience? We know you played alongside legendary names as Steve Angello, Diplo etc. How it is to work for this kind of superclubs and play on this big events ? 

My experience in Ibiza started 8 years ago. I started from the very bottom and have gradually worked my way up to where I am now. All of this experience has prepared me to perform on the biggest stages. For me to share the booth with these names is a real honor and I have much respect for these artists. To work in clubs such as Ushuaia and Hi is the the best professional experience.

3) Can you tell us how you have started your career ? And Why?

I began to play when I was 12 years old because one of my family members was a dj and he showed me. Years later I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to dance music because it makes me happy.

4) What's your favorite music genere and what are your future music releases?

I like house music and its various styles - electrohouse, progressive house and future house. At the this moment I am promoting a new single which is called Wonderland. I am working on a great new single but I cannot tell you too much about it yet!

5) Any plan about Asia? Any upcoming show?

My intention is to put more force in the promotion of my music in Asia. I have a great feeling with the Asian people, and I believe that good things can happen. In October I am in China and Japan. In December I am in Thailand and return to China again. I have other dates waiting to be confirmed

6) What do you think about the club scene in Asia?

I think that its really strong, there are many big festivals. We find a lot of the best clubs in the world are there and many of the big artists want to be there

7) Please leave a message to your fans in Malaysia

Please give a big hug to my fans in Malaysia, I hope to see you soon and thanks for all of your support
<![CDATA[Exclusive Interview With Alok]]>Wed, 28 Aug 2019 09:18:20 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/exclusive-interview-with-alok

​"Vale Vale" comes out on 9th August on CONTROVERSIA and is really special. The children's voices are so sublime and brings the track to life. Tell us a little about this track.
This track is really special for me as I went back to where I came from. For those who don’t know , I started my musical journey when I was just 11 years old. Me and my twin brother Bhaskar had a psy trance project called Lógica and we used to make music in a much faster bpm back then. Making Vale vale made me go back to my roots as much as I did when I wrote a track with Vini Vici and Avicii and it was fantastic and very pleasant. 

What keeps you inspired and keeps your work fresh?

Daily inspirational moments, people and music are what really make me inspired and eager to make music to share back with the world. I strongly believe that we must be inspired by people and ordinary moments within our lives. I really value that these days as I am constantly rushing to perform and to attend all commitments most of the time. It makes us appreciate the most simple things and moments.
What are your thoughts on the music scene when you first started out versus the music in present day?

It is more than clear now that electronic and pop music have grown exponentially over the last 5 years and I am so glad and honoured to have somehow contributed to such a magical transformation all over the globe.

Your remix of Meduza’s "Piece Of Your Heart" is one of my favourite tracks! How was your remix born?
This track is absolutely catchy and remarkable, and I wanted to work on it ever since I heard it the first time. The “da da da da“ stays in our heads like glue and I really appreciate the original work done by Meduza who are such talented guys. When I had the chance to work on its remix I found it quite challenging to work on something that was produced so well and give it my own grip. In the end I think that I was able to create my own twist and the outcome was fabulous. I´m also so honoured to know that my remix is the most played on Meduza´s profile. The dance floor loved it and so did I!

Are there any other classic house or electronic records that you would like to get your hands on to rework?
There are so many that I would spend hours writing. Although I have several. I would easily say that a remix of Eric Pridz would make my day :) 

For DJs and producers nowadays, social media is an inescapable part of the job as social media can connect you with fans. What is the role social media had at the start of your career?

To be honest I sort of went beyond most of my fellow producer and DJ colleagues when the subject was social media. I realized interacting with your fanbase creates a bond, even if they are on the other side of the globe. For me a fanbase is like a big family. They support you and have your back in all possible scenarios and aspects. It is very comforting to know that you have millions of people interacting with you and supporting you no matter where you go or where you are. It’s rewarding and priceless. 

How has your journey in the dance music scene shaped who you are today?

I was born into music and festivals as both of my parents were and are Psy Trance DJ’s and producers and also festival owners. We have an 8 day festival by the beach in Brazil called “Universo Paralello” (Paralelle Universe). We were present at this festival since its first edition and until now I see it as my biggest education in life. It was in this scenario and lifestyle that I shaped my values and my priorities in life. In the end for me it was never too hard to follow my dreams as the people who inspired me most (my parents) were part of that too. 

What type of preparation goes into your sets and what are the musical ingredients that go into the perfect Alok performance?
Every day and every set is different. The most important part is the set up before a show which I count from the very professional, united and skilled tech team. When they show me that the set is 100% prepared I feel at ease in my mind and let the show happen. It’s very important to perceive what’s the real deal when you’re about to perform. Sometimes we realize that it’s going to be tough for a light bad positioned or a poor structuring within the event or even soundsystem problems. When you don’t have that sort of issue it all becomes more natural and automatic to make a performance ideal.

Finally, what’s up next on the Alok agenda? Are there any special projects that you are working on, or shows that you are particularly excited about? 

There are some amazing news and upcoming projects but I have to keep some of them secret unfortunately. All I can say is that I am joining up with an old partner that I had to create another amazing song with a lot of emotions and feelings and I´ve been touring quite a lot. I just came from from Ibiza, where I played three times at Ushuaia and once at Amnesia. I´m going to spend the next weeks traveling, and am so excited to be performing at Burning Man in US at the end of this month, then I go to Japan and Portugal. I am also over the moon to be performing at home in Brazil at Rock in Rio festival which is a very traditional and respected festival in South America. Performing there at the main stage is absolutely breath taking and I am counting the days for such an amazing experience.

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Manchester favourites Solardo have linked up with prolific producer Eli Brown on huge dancefloor number ‘XTC’, via Ultra Music / Ministry Of Sound.
Announcing itself with a thunderous kick drum, the track melds classic rave elements with high-intensity progressive breakdowns and an infectious “shining in the ecstasy” female vocal.  In turn, it delivers an imaginative, uplifting and standout , and returns us to the dance styles we don’t hear enough of in this genre.   XTC demonstrates the creativity that can come from a more minimalistic approach.
For those looking for a break from the loud and heavy mainstream electronic sound, XTC  offer up  a strong progressive house opener packed with euphoric, feel-good vibes.
With two of the scene’s leading acts joining forces, it’s no surprise that ‘XTC’ is a track with undeniable dancefloor appeal.

spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7CN6ZYIX338ekn7pb2CpQp

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<![CDATA[Interview With DJ Da Tweekaz]]>Tue, 16 Jul 2019 17:51:21 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/interview-with-dj-da-tweekaz
1. Is there a song changed your journey as a DJ
Probably the song that initially put us into the picture was our “remix/bootleg” of Disney’s Frozen. That was literally played everywhere and we still play it now - it’s probably about 5 years old now and works every time. We’re also known for many serious tracks - but another one that has definitely been a big part of our sets lately has been “Jägermeister” which is a little tribute we made for our favourite liquor :)

2. 6 months had passed, tell us about your plans for the rest of 2019.
Well, we’re already in the middle of a very heavy (but fun) Summer tour schedule. Probably the highlight of this Summer, although there are many more we should be mentioning, would have to be performing at the MainStage of Tomorrowland, which is obviously a huge honour. 
We’ve also got some cool tours coming up as well as our Tweekalution concept which we’re bringing to many countries throughout the year and a HUGE amount of music which we’ll be releasing very soon.

3. Da Tweekaz had been mainstage headliner around the world, would this year mainstage appearance at Tomorrowland means anything special for Da Tweekaz?
Well, for us this is very special and actually for Hardstyle in general this is really special to be giving it even more spotlight on one of the biggest stages in the World for Electronic Dance Music. So, we’re hoping it will open some more doors for events to think a little out of the box and try something different - we promise they’ll love it.

4. What does it takes to elevate an artist from the club level to the festival stage.
Well, in The Netherlands there are so many festivals which have so many stages, that they literally have a lot of room to try new and upcoming talents on smaller stages or opening slots, so that’s a great start. However, we also LOVE playing intimate club bookings. It’s a totally different vibe. But, if you mean - what does it take for ‘new’ artists to break through? We think a very unique stream of music that you create and probably also a strong brand to really put yourself out there.

5. Talking about Hardstyle, from your view how Hardstyle has evolved over the past 10 years?
Obviously, the sound has evolved quite a lot. And that’s not only due to the creative aspect, but technology has also advanced quite a bit, that we as producers have so much more new toys and computing power to play with. Also, productionally, Hardstyle is one of the most advanced ‘technical’ styles we know. If you’re a Hardstyle producer, you basically have the skillset to make any style you want because you’re so fixated on EQing, frequencies and fine tuning everything so much, distorting sounds and samples that you can really start to think outside of the box and implement so many different styles into your own Hardstyle productions which really helps the style evolve quite a bit as well. 
Also, the fanbase has grown quite exponentially on a global scale, which is only a good thing.

6. Can you tell us more about Tweekacore? What type of sound and performance can we expect from Tweekacore?
We grew up listening to UK Hardcore / Happy Hardcore and we’ve idolised Darren Styles for many years. We thought it would be fun to take a little side step from our normal ‘Da Tweekaz’ style and so some Happy Hardcore which turned out to be a very big success! Together with Darren Styles (!!) we even started our own label “Electric Fox” especially for this type of sound. So, Tweekacore is just that - Happy Hard. It’s fast but still highly appealing and easy digestible and doesn’t directly conflict with our main artist brand ‘Da Tweekaz”.

7. With the booming of electronic music in Asia. How would that affect a DJ touring calendar? 
that’s difficult to say. Usually, we need to know many months in advance so we can block our calendar for Asia shows. But the landscape in Europe is so fast paced lately that bookings are coming in so fast, that we’re usually fully booked MANY months in advanced which then makes it very hard to block dates for Asia who book a little more “last minute”. In any case, we love performing in Asia. It’s such a different vibe and it’s so great to show Asia what we stand for.

8. How often do you perform in Asia and in China? And which is your most favourite city
Mostly we do about 2 to 3 tours a year. And each tour consists of about 4 to 6 shows.
Hard to pick a specific city. As we’ve been coming to Asia for a few years now and we’ve really seen how the scene has been growing. When we first came, it was good, but we think that the audience didn’t really understand it at first. And then the next times we’ve been coming, you just keep seeing more and more dedication and passion. And that goes for every city we’ve been to. So, let’s just say we love ALL of Asia! Especially the food. Actually getting hungry just thinking about this...

9. Given a chance to host a stage at one of the big music festival? Who would be in your lineup?
Hmmm… we’ve actually done a few hostings at many big stages. But, we usually bring artists to the lineup who we feel we have a connection with, who we ourselves love to listen to and watch and also what we think would work in any given region. That goes from what an artist plays, to also the popularity of the artist. So, we wouldn’t necessarily go for a full on Hardstyle line-up so we’d do something out of the box. Like… wouldn’t it be awesome if we had Pendulum or Alan Walker tag along!? Haha.

10. Any new songs for 2019? Would there be a chance for an Asia producer to work on a song with you? 
Wow, we have quite a handful of songs. We’ve been hard at work prior to the European festival season to finish many tracks so we can freshen up our sets during the festival season. So, just keep an eye out because YES, we have A LOT of releases coming up!
Would definitely love to work with an Asian artist… does BTS or Black Pink count? :)

11. Is there anything you can exclusively reveal to us?
Exclusively? Well.. by the time you’re reading this, our latest “Disney” cover will be out. Circle of Life (from The Lion King!). Fun fact: David Spekter did ALL of the vocals and we even got someone to play the part of the pan flute you hear in the track. So, every single element of that track we made from scratch! So… SURPRISE!
<![CDATA[DIRTY WORKZ (Exclusive Interview)]]>Mon, 08 Jul 2019 07:41:31 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/dirty-workz-exclusive-interview
1. Tell us more about Dirty Workz? And what are the plans for 2019?
If you do not already know, Dirty Workz is the world leading Hard EDM label. Not only are our artists important, but we take great care to be as close as possible to the fans - listen to their questions and answer them ti our full potential. Next to that, we also have a large merchandise store (we deliver to all countries all across the globe) for which we create and produce not only label branded merchandise to wear but also that of our artists.
We represent some of the genre’s leading artists such as Coone, Da Tweekaz, Psyko Punkz, Wasted Penguinz, Sub Zero Project and many many more. We have also just launched a platform which will cater for the newcomers to the scene and also allowing for use to work a lot closer with content creators so they can use our music in their videos - copyright free.

Furthermore, in 2019 we’re working closely with a great partner to bring the brand and its artists to the Asian market - so look out for a an event coming your way!

2. Tell us , how are labels shaping the landscape of the music industry today?
Labels, at least if done right, are a key factor into marketing an artists music across many different platforms and both on and offline. An artist is in charge of their creative freedom and the label has to ensure that it maximises as much exposure and in an extension, also income, for the artist. So, it’s always good fun tower on new projects, new ideas and to not only be stubborn and keep doing things how we normally do things, but also watch how the landscape moves, listen to the ideas and wishes of artists and fans and also react to that to stay ahead of the game.
So, it’s not just about putting music on a streaming or download portal - there is so much more behind it all and its just immensely important to always keep your eyes and ears open for new things to utilise to make sure that the brand as well as the artists and its fanbase can keep growing and flourishing in this fast paced World.

3. What are the advantages of signing with an established label? 
First and foremost, the largest advantage - depending on the label - would be its reach and exposure. It’s up to a label to introduce an artist to its fanbase, and it’s definitely not something that happens over night. Many years goes into building a fanbase, and with consistency and perseverance we believe that there’s always room for new and exciting artists to build a fanbase.
Furthermore, established labels know what they’re doing. They have partners and know the right people for the right job. From artwork to video clips, to streaming curation, how to push videos online, how to capitalise on social media and things like that.
So, we think that there should always be a good harmony between labels, artists and fans. We’re all in this together!

4. We noticed that there are 16 Dirty Workz DJ performing at Tomorrowland this year. How crazy is this?
Oh, yes! It’s amazing right!? Good thing is, this isn’t limited to only this year. For instance, Coone has been able to perform at every single Tomorrowland edition since the very beginning. And he even got to perform at the Tomorrowland MainStage in 2018 - making him the very first Hardstyle artist to perform on that stage. 2019 sees Da Tweekaz take over the torch to show the World their take on Hardstyle on the Tomorrowland MainStage. 
Also, did you know that Dirty Workz had a stage at Tomorrowland in 2016? After that, we also supported Coone (& the Gang) with multiple hosting at Tomorrowland. So, it’s always like coming home from us. And technically, it’s almost in our own back yard :)

5. Is it important to be a DJ and a producer nowadays in order to be noticed by the label?
In all honesty. No.
Obviously, it’s important to be a good producer and to deliver very exciting, fresh music. Because a label works with music and not with “performances”.
Of course, it’s also important for an artist to be able to show his or her music to a broad fanbase, and the perfect way to do this is to DJ at festivals, clubs and events. But, to sign at a label - we don’t think it’s highly important to be a DJ. It definitely helps in ‘choosing’ an artist - because labels receive so many demos, they do have to make a choice as to which artist to work with. But - mainly a label just needs music and a creative artist to work with.

6. How to prepare a demo and making it stand out to the hundreds of songs send to a label daily 
Well, that’s a good question. By the amount of demos we get on a weekly basis, we notice that everyone wants to be a DJ or producer and most can produce music “somewhat”, but not all of it is quality. And that’s where you can stand out. If you deliver music that sounds high quality, the mix down is good, the idea is good - it’s only a little bit of extra work to fine tune for release. So, try and be original. Don’t copy other artists. Labels want to hear something fresh, something out of the box and something special. It’s not exciting to release music that sounds like 10 other tracks out there.
Also, if you do send a mail (we actually stop accepting mails, because it became so so busy) make sure it’s short and to the point. Send the tracks you believe are your best work. It’s also best to send at least 2 tracks so the label can get a feeling of what you stand for. And definitely do not send your tracks as an attachment but use a service such as dropbox or even soundcloud to share your music.
And of course, if you don’t get an answer immediately, don’t hesitate to check up on the mail after a week or 2. It can get very busy and labels don’t always have the time to sit down and go through new tracks. So, it’s always a good idea to follow up on your mail - but try and not be too pushy, or you’re not going to make a good impression :)

7. Who is your newest signing to the label? And what makes this artist standout among the rest. 
We’ve actually got about 3 new signings coming up in the next few months :) So, we’re excited to share that very soon. But for the moment, still a work in progress.
The last signing we did to the DWX Update (talent) label would have to be “Betavoice”. He’s a young guy from Russia. He’s advantage would have to be that living in Russia, he doesn’t really have a lot of artist friends living around him - especially in the genre “Hardstyle”, so he’s not being heavily influenced by any other artist that much. So, it’s very refreshing to hear his music. As it stands out quite a bit from what we’re used to. And we like that. It’s what makes an artist unique, and it’s up to the artist to really build on that and push hard to make it.

8. What is the main difference between the European Hardstyle Music and to Asia Hardstyle Music? Would Dirty Workz keen to look at new producer out in Asia?
Is there a real difference? We’ve heard some tracks from Chinese artists, but I think the main issue is that those artists are trying to sound like a “European” artist. And that’s not exactly what we want. We think it’s important that there is some kind of a connection to the European style, but also with that uniqueness of what’s hot in Asia, you know? Like, maybe Asia likes anti-climaxes or some different form of kicks, or a different way of making a melody just anything that is “fresh”. It’s hard to explain, really. But we think Asia has an advantage in that Hardstyle isn’t as heavily widespread as it is in Europe, for instance so there is a lot of room to experiment and to do something different.
As to the question, are we looking? Yes - we are looking and we’d love to sign an Asian Hardstyle act :)

9. Streaming streaming streaming - do you agree that streaming is saving the Music Industry
Absolutely - 200%! We have to admit though, a few years ago. It was still difficult to really understand the power of streaming. But, wow… streaming is just a godsend! Not only on the financial part, but marketing wise and the global scale of it all - it’s just very very exciting. Furthermore, where downloads used to have a lifespan of say 1 month, before the track was forgotten under the dust, Streaming allows for a track to live so much longer. Basically, a track can even become a hit even after a year. It’s just such a powerful medium. And it really took down a lot of the illegal downloads as well. Obviously not fully, but it’s so much more easier to stream a track than having to wait for new music, then search for it somewhere online and then download it and then add it to your music library… you know? Streaming is just like “ok, here is the track - get listening”. And it’s so much easier to discover new artists, new types of music and really is an adventure for the listener. So, we’re definitely happy about streaming.

11. With more and more Dirty Workz artist performing in the best festival around the world, any chance for us to see Dirty Workz label night in Asia?
Oh definitely. Some of our artists have been performing in China / Asia for a few years already. And each time they come back they keep telling us how big the genre is getting over there. So, we’re definitely excited to start working in Asia and to show the Asian people what we stand for and how we work together with the artists and fans. Actually, we do have quite a few fans who we often talk to on Instagram or Facebook - and quite a bit of them are also on our Youtube channel. So, we do notice that there is quite a following already.

<![CDATA[BLVCKPRINT IS READY TO MAKE HIS DEBUT AT TOMORROWLAND 2019]]>Fri, 14 Jun 2019 12:35:50 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/blvckprint-is-ready-to-make-his-debut-at-tomorrowland-2019
The belgian-based DJ will perform at Radio Ultra Modern stage Saturday 20th of July.

BLVCKPRINT, is driven by a persistent love for music. No matter where he is performing or what tracks he is playing, He always focused on the synergy between music and audience. Along with  his undeniable mixing skills, BLVCKPRINT has the talent to gauge a crowd by dropping the perfect beat at just the right moment. BLVCKPRINT signed tracks on Armada Music/Universal Music, with huge supports from some of the biggest DJ's in the scene like David Guetta, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Wolfpack, Blasterjaxx, Bassjackers and many others.
Headlining shows at festivals & Clubs like Dreambeats, Dance D-Vision, Beachland, Versuz, ... Entering the Belgian Dj Top 100 at spot #79 is a sure recognition for his talent.

watch BLVKPRINT at Dreambeats Fest 2018:
<![CDATA[​Petey Mac – Love Is The Answer]]>Mon, 27 May 2019 12:40:57 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/petey-mac-love
Love is the answer. Love is the key. Love is the message… for you and me. Seattle based DJ Petey Mac is bringing the classic house vibes with his new summer anthem ‘Love Is The Answer', out now on Gameroom Records.

It's all about house music, it's all about love. Proving true to the genre with a killer bass line, infectious piano melody and even some disco influence, ‘Love Is The Answer' reminds me of a track you'd hear in an Erick Morillo set in Miami in the '90s. Petey Mac does the house genre justice on this one, give it a spin below.

​Petey Mac – Love Is The Answerhttps://gameroom.choons.at/loveistheansw

<![CDATA[BELGIAN DUO WOLFPACK UNLEASH NEW SONG ON SMASH THE HOUSE]]>Thu, 09 May 2019 02:11:55 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/belgian-duo-wolfpack-unleash-new-song-on-smash-the-house
1)         What is the most frequent chinese words do you use when traveling in China?
- nǐ hǎo - xièxie - píjiŭ

2)         Use 3 words to describe each other
Ruben : -DJ -Caring -Gamer Steve : father- Entertainer- thoughtful

3)         What is Wolfpack 2.0 ? What is the story behind it ?
Its is an update of the old Wolfpack, we wanted to do something extra for our fans and that’s why we designed our Wolf Masks, also we have to admit its a lot of fun for us and it looks very good on the pictures.

4)         How do you describe China Electronic Music Scene as compare to the rest of Asia countries and Europe ?
A growing culture that has a lot of potential.

5)         Which is your most favorite city in China in term of sighting and food ? 
We really enjoy Shanghai because there is a lot of variety in food and nice people.

6)         What do you see China Electronic Music scene in 3 years times?
We have no idea, everything changes so quickly these days, we wish we could predict the future but that would also be boring ;)

7)         What is the insipration behind your new song ELEV8 ? Is it the first time you worked with Diego Miranda and Fatman Scoop?
It is the inspiration of us, Diego and Fatman Scoop mixed.. we have done a couple of collaborations together already, we became good friends and we also have a lot more tracks in the pipeline!

8)         Last year was your highest ranking on DJmag Top 100 DJ. How much works was behind the scene to push yourself up on the chart and what is your goal for tis year ranking ?
We truly have been blessed with our high ranking in Dj-Mag!! The only thing we do and can do is to make as much as possible great tracks, be friendly to our fans, and perform crazy, energetic and fun shows!

9)         Describe the festival or music event that changed your life.
Tomorrowland Brazil was a beautiful and exhilarating festival! Playing on the MainStage when the sun came down performing our TML anthem Find Tomorrow really changed our lives in a good way.

Download or stream here 
link: https://lnk.to/Elev8
<![CDATA[GODAMN - GROOVY CIRCLE (CONFESSION)]]>Sun, 14 Apr 2019 07:14:11 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/godamn-groovy-circle-confession
GODAMN's new track has just landed on CONFESSION, and the support is massive ! After tracks on Dim Mak, Heldeep, Spinnin Records, swiss duo is back with a banger track on Confession. The hype was huge since MALAA played it as an intro to each of his live shows for months !

Out Now: http://smarturl.it/groovycircle
GODAMN socials : https://www.instagram.com/wearegodamn/ -