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French producer, composer, and songwriter Petit Biscuit steps into the role of assured frontman on his project with the lead single of his forthcoming LP: “Drivin Thru The Night”. Featuring whimsical vocals that document a night of intense longing and soul-searching, Petit Biscuit complements the sung tone with shimmering electro-pop production that highlights his maturation from teen wunderkind to bonafide auteur. The track comes alongside a cinematic music video where Petit Biscuit escapes the club with a mysterious woman, chased through the streets by nameless antagonists before eventually finding shelter at a stunning skyline view.

Petit Biscuit explains his newest “is first about freedom. A lonely man is wandering through the streets, living how he wants and going where he wants until he finds his lonely alter-ego. They are sharing what most people would call the beginning of a love story…I would simply call it complicity. Most people would also think they need love to exist but it's wrong. You can live and exist by yourself. You don't need anyone else. I’ve been writing all the lyrics in Iceland, where I was isolated for months. I was missing my loved ones but at the same time, I didn’t feel any pressure from anyone, so I had this idea of this lonely man, who's obviously me, and all that story around.”

A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Petit Biscuit has converted his classically trained talents into critical acclaim over the course of his career. With a debut album, Presence, that charted worldwide in 2017, he’s also wowed audiences on the live circuit with performances at the likes of Coachella, Lollapalooza, and HARD, plus his own sold-out headline tour dates around the world. 2019 saw the release of single, “We Were Young”, topping 40 million collective streams with a music video featuring gorgeous cinematic shots that track nostalgic dreams of longing and love. Most recently, Petit Biscuit kicked off the summer with I Leave Again, a collaboration with longtime friend Shallou. The song and its lyric video captivated fans and tastemakers, speeding to 22 million global streams and receiving global support from the likes of triple j, SiriusXM Chill, and Virgin.

Other highlights of Petit Biscuit’s career include over 1 billion Spotify streams, being awarded best live performer at the NRJ DJ Awards 2018, a primetime national TV performance on the esteemed French music award ceremony Les Victoires de la Musique 2018, covering Phoenix’s “1901” on triple j’s essential Like A Version series, and international radio support from KCRW to SiriusXM Chill to Triple J.

The Interview

I’ve gotta say, I’ve been a fan ever since I heard “Sunset Lover .”
​But enough about me, how are you? 

Hi! At this very moment that I’m talking to you, I just finished my album. It feels great.

Your latest single “I leave again” is definitely very unique.
How did this track come to be? 

I was very lucky to meet Shallou who was opening for my shows during my first american tour. We stayed in contact and met up in Los Angeles to work on “I Leave Again”. We’ve been working on 5 or 6 different tracks but this one felt the most obvious for us.

What inspires you and the music you make? 
I’m inspired by everything I see, feel or hear around me! I’m just here to tell my own stories and some other ones that I find interesting enough to write or compose about.

Coming from a country with such rich musical history, are there any cultural elements you incorporate into your music?
It’s funny because I don’t feel like I belong to any country. I’m not even singing in French and my music just doesn’t sound like a specific country or culture in my opinion.

How did you become interested in creating music?
At the start I was a cello player, and when I was young, I think I was more of a Cartesian boy. Now that I grew up, I feel way more sensible and I can finally talk about my experiences, I can tell what I like, I can get shivers just by creating music. It is what I like the most.

Communication with fans is essential.
​What is your relationship with social media? 

What I like to share the most on social media are some artistic stuff and performances. Even though I can share some unconditional posts, social media are a way for me to go deeper into telling stories, posting beautiful pictures too. But definitely not a way to show off and unveil my private life.

So what’s been on your Spotify playlist and what have you been listening to? 

I got this playlist called “My Late Night Jam” that I’m updating quite regularly on Spotify. It’s a good way to share my last discoveries. I invite everyone to come take a listen!

​Any future plans you can share?  
Well, my new album is coming out very soon. Because of the pandemic though, there’s no touring planned at the moment but let’s pray for 2021! I’m working hard on some great content for this album… I’m always trying to reinvent myself. See you soon then!

“Drivin Thru The Night” arrives September 9th via Petit Biscuit’s self-run, wholly independent label Écurie.


​@2020 Simona Nardone​
<![CDATA[Tomorrowland Around the World, the digital festival]]>Thu, 04 Jun 2020 14:21:03 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/tomorrowland-around-the-world-the-digital-festival
A spectacular two-day digital music festival experience, bringing together the planet’s biggest names in electronic dance music and the world’s best technology in 3D design, video production and special effects

Thursday, 4 June 2020 - Just imagine... a dazzling new Tomorrowland location has been crafted over the past few months, in a place far away from anyone, a place that you would normally never visit... but one that is set to open its doors, welcoming everyone from all corners of the world, for one weekend only...

On Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26, Tomorrowland is organising Tomorrowland Around the World, the digital festival: a spectacular entertainment experience open to people of all ages and places, unfazed by borders or boundaries – a world premiere and a major step in the future of digital music festivals. Discover the Official Tomorrowland Around the World Trailer here.

Over recent months, Tomorrowland has received many requests from its worldwide community to do something special during the two sold-out weekends of Tomorrowland Belgium. This global connection has inspired Tomorrowland to introduce and create a brand new platform through which visitors can participate in an unprecedented two-day festival experience.
Festival visitors will be able to navigate easily through a magical and newly created Tomorrowland location with a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet – you don’t need special VR goggles – and explore the entire festival site in an interactive way together with friends. The two-day festival weekend will offer its guests a packed schedule with plenty of things to do, see and experience. 
As with the other editions of Tomorrowland, music and spectacular shows will be central to this event. The festival will feature plenty of signature Tomorrowland stages – 8 different stages in total – including Atmosphere, Core, Freedom Stage and Elixir, joined by 3 new stages, which have been specially created and designed by the creative team and 3D artists behind Tomorrowland. Each stage will feature music from the world’s best artists in dance and electronic music – from all genres – and a large portion of the fireworks and laser shows characteristic of Tomorrowland. As icing on the cake this year’s iconic Mainstage, embodying the theme of 2020 ‘The Reflection of Love – Chapter 1’, will be unveiled to the world during Tomorrowland Around the World. 

Besides the performances there will be all kinds of interactive experiences to choose from, including inspirational webinars, games and workshops related to lifestyle, food, fashion and the Tomorrowland Foundation. Together with the performances, Tomorrowland Around the World will be a full day/weekend experience between 15h00–01h00 CEST. There will be a ‘time-zone-friendly’option for visitors from Asia and North or South America.

Tomorrowland is using the world’s best technology in 3D design, video production, gaming and special effects to bring together 8 different stageswith a stellar line-up of the most prominent artists in dance music, all of them premiering brand new content to be discovered exclusively on tomorrowland.com over the course of the weekend.

Michiel Beers, co-founder of Tomorrowland“Tomorrowland Around the World is the result of a gigantic team effort of hundreds of people who are working around the clock to create a never-before-seen interactive entertainment experience. Since we started this project and all ideas came together, we immediately felt an enormous energy and lots of positivity from everybody involved. For us it’s a bit re-inventing the festival experience, but we truly believe that we can bring the spirit of Tomorrowland and entertainment at the highest level to people and homes around the globe. We hope that hundreds of thousands of people will unite in a responsible way and that small Tomorrowland gatherings at people’s homes – from Canada to Australia, from Japan to Brazil and everywhere in between – will be organised. Especially during the weekend where normally Tomorrowland Belgium would take place, we really have the power to unite the world.”The People of Tomorrow are invited to experience this unique event together with friends: dressing up with your best festival outfit, putting up tents in your back garden to create your own DreamVille, setting up a big screen, inviting your beloved ones for a nice barbecue with music and an amazing festival experience, decorating your balcony or throwing a party in your living room – this weekend is all about uniting through the power of music in a responsible and safe way. More about this all-new Tomorrowland location will be revealed in the coming weeks.

​Tomorrowland Around the World, the digital festival
  • Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26, 2020.
  • Between 15h00–01h00 CEST.
  • ‘Time-zone-friendly’ for visitors from Asia and North and South America.
  • Open for people of all ages and places.
  • Accessible exclusively on tomorrowland.com.
  • Line-up will be announced on Monday June 15.
  • Ticket sales start on Thursday June 18 via tomorrowland.com.
  • Day ticket costs €12.50.
  • Weekend ticket costs €20.00 and includes a week of video-on-demand content to relive the entire experience.
  • Special People of Tomorrow packages and Home Party packages will be available.
  • Info and updates: tomorrowland.com
<![CDATA[House of Tracks Launches New Website With New Features]]>Tue, 02 Jun 2020 04:48:00 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/house-of-tracks-launches-new-website-with-new-features

House of Tracks today announces a brand new website with many new features including a filter based search engine and a custom upload system, and it is already dealing with an 85% increase in daily track submissions as people turn to music for solace in these unprecedented times. The unique platform is now the largest supplier of royalty free dance music limited to one copy, and is providing vital ways for producers to monetise their work in essential new ways. 

In recent weeks, producers have had more time to make music, and making music is a welcome creative outlet in these difficult times. Well-known names are making more music as well. Unable to perform at festivals and events, they’re discovering that they’re able to generate a good income through House of Tracks.

Because of this, in the last few weeks House of Tracks's offering has increased 85%. It turns out people do need music after all. What they provide is royalty-free electronic dance music, created by talented producers from all over the world. What began six years ago as a ghost producer platform that mainly served DJs has grown into a worldwide supplier of royalty-free music for various industries. The gaming industry, advertising agencies, YouTubers, video editors and program makers have all found their way to the platform. Talented producers, from ambitious boys and girls in their attics to established names with their own studios use House of Tracks to sell their music.

Music can be used for DJs and producers, YouTubers, the gaming industry,  advertising, festival anthems, ghost producing, and even for movies and TV series. All tracks are checked by hand and finger printed (identified and matched by DJ monitors and its database with over 80 million tracks). All producers have to be approved through auditioning in order to start selling their tracks on House of Tracks. With that quality assurance process, producers are carefully screened so you can always be sure of high quality, unique tracks that are all limited to one copy. 

Check out the video below to find out more on some of the great new features that have been added to the latest version of the House of Tracks website.
We had the chance to speak with Onnik Tavitian, founder of HOT, asking him a couple of questions where we got interesting answers. 

What makes House of Tracks unique, what are your USPs?

House of Tracks is the largest producer platform of royalty-free Electronic Dance Music, limited to one copy. What started out as a ghost producers platform six years ago is now the largest supplier of royalty free dance music. About 95% of all tracks on our platform is fully royalty free. The other tracks have shared royalties.

Our buyers are very diverse: DJs and producers, YouTubers, the gaming industry, advertising agencies, editors, movie makers and singer-songwriters. 
All tracks are identified and matched by our partner DJ monitor and its database with over 80 million tracks. This is one of the ways we ensure all tracks sold on House of Tracks are original and never released before. All producers have to audition and are carefully screened before being approved on the House of Tracks platform.

What was the original idea - are or were you a producer yourself?

For a long time, I had been producing tracks in my studio and performing on stage as a DJ. Some tracks I had never used. When the economical crisis hit the fan, I decided it was time to find new ways to earn a living and provide for my family. Being a husband and a father of two with a mortgage, I needed stability. And so, I decided to start selling the tracks that I never intended to release. That idea turned out to be a good one. In no time I sold all of my tracks and could not even keep up with the demand! There was only one thing I could do. I made a business out of it. I had done some research into ghost producing and found out that, although it had been around for many years, there was no online platform. A market gap. So, I wanted to go big, fast.

I recruited a designer, rented an office and assembled a talented group of ghost producers. And so, House of Tracks was a fact! The very first in our field of business. And now, six years later, House of Tracks has grown into a worldwide supplier of royalty-free music for various industries.

Make sure to visit their website, in the meantime we wish to this amazing team a bright future. 

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<![CDATA[INTERVIEW: How Flaremode Stays Motivated During Lockdown In Bangkok [AsiaLive365]]]>Mon, 27 Apr 2020 05:26:09 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/interview-how-flaremode-stays-motivated-during-lockdown-in-bangkok-asialive365
Flaremode at Tomorrowland
Unable to fly back home, Flaremode discuss getting signed by top EDM labels while staying focused producing multiple tracks under quarantine in Thailand.As countries continue to enforce containment measures to the COVID-19 global pandemic such as lockdowns and curfews, people remain stuck at home. Even worse, some are unable to fly back to their home countries.

Jonny Chiappetta, one half of Italian DJ duo Flaremode, was traveling in Thailand for the Asia tour before the country began enforcing lockdown in March. So too did Italy where the number of COVID-19 cases are among the highest in the world. As a result, the DJ-producer remains under quarantine in a country away from home.

However, the DJ is able to focus on finishing numerous unreleased material as well as getting signed by various EDM music labels. AsiaLive365 caught up with Jonny in Bangkok as he details his experience getting signed to labels while being under lockdown.
AL365: Hello Jonny! What brings you here in Thailand? What were you doing prior to the lockdown situation?Flaremode: I am here waiting to tour around Asia because Bangkok is a great hub for traveling across to other SEA countries. I’ve been here since January, and suddenly most of our show dates got cancelled. We were supposed to play in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia. We were only able to complete a few shows like Taiwan and Myanmar. Now I’m stuck here and I couldn’t fly back because the situation in Italy got worse too.

AL365: We understand that you have many songs in production during this period of time as the world is turned upside down. How did that come about?Flaremode: I have many unfinished songs which I’ve started working during the past month. Because I tour very often, I couldn’t finish them. Also I don’t have my equipment here, I’m just working with my Macbook, speakers and headphones. During this time, I managed to finish many of my productions and even starting new ones.

AL365: How many songs in total did you get signed since January?Flaremode: At the moment we have managed to sign 11 songs on seven different labels for 2020! We hope to sign another 3-4 songs at least before the end of the year.

AL365: Which labels did you get you signed to during lockdown?Flaremode: We signed three songs with Smash the House [Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s label], one is a collaboration track with one of the label’s artists. I finished a collaboration with Wolfpack, and one more song for one of my favourite labels, Doorn Records. Two tracks with Thomas Gold, one for Dharma Worldwide [KSHMR’s label], and the other scheduled for release next month on Gold’s own label, Fanfare Records. We signed the contract a week ago for one song for Revealed Recordings [Hardwell’s label] which is also due in May. We are now planning to send some of our demos to STMPD RCRDS [Martin Garrix’s label]. We really hope they’ll like our tracks because being able to work with them is one of our goals this year.

AL365: Is it normally difficult to get this many songs signed?

Flaremode: Yes it is. It’s all about the song itself and the period of time of when you submit your demo. For example, if you submit your demo during or after Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in October, all the labels will be busy because they’re probably meeting up with producers and have a lot of material scheduled for release. Whether you’re a small or established artist, it is the same for everyone. Many DJs would ask me, ‘How do we manage to get tracks signed?’ and I would say it’s not easy. If you were to make 20 songs, only one is going to get signed.

AL365: If that is the case, how did you manage to get so much of your tracks signed?Flaremode: It happened during a time where we’ve finished producing a lot of our songs. I think during this lockdown moment, we are able to focus more on the releases instead of touring around. Every month we gain some experience, some new production technique. We understand how the industry works, so maybe we are more able to do what labels want. This is also why now in this period, because there is nothing else to do, we managed to get this many songs signed. I also want to say it’s just a lucky period as well.

AL365: The labels all focus on different music genres and styles. When you are producing your songs for all the labels you are signed to, how can you produce different styles in such a short amount of time?Flaremode: We have always been multi-genre producers but we try keep our signature sound on every production. Targeting a wide audience and releasing on different labels helps us a lot to do that.

AL365: What motivate you to keep on pushing for your music and to make sure that your song is ready?We believe that producing and releasing music during this period might allow us to get ready to start touring again as soon the emergency is over.

AL365: Would you say the situation has been difficult for DJs and producers during the coronavirus?Flaremode: Absolutely yes because there is a paradox. We make dance music but there is no place where to play this dance music. At the moment, all the clubs are closed and there aren’t any festivals. Record labels have to think twice about releasing a song. Maybe they want to wait for the virus to be gone first because they believe it’s a good track, and they don’t want to waste releasing it during this period. But some labels are releasing songs in this period anyway because fans of the label can still enjoy the music at home.

AL365: Surely you must feel burned out producing this many tracks?Flaremode: I’m never not working even if I’m too tired. We must get the tracks done no matter what. This is a position we give to ourselves, we cannot stop because this industry never sleeps. After you release a song, in two weeks time it’s already considered old. Once you get a song signed with a record label, the give you a release date. You always need to have new demos ready if you don’t want to be empty-handed for like five months without any release.

AL365: But now that you’re in lockdown, any activities you do for leisure?Flaremode: This is gonna sound strange but basically lockdown isn’t really changing my life (laughs). I spend all day at home working, even without lockdown. Normally, I would’t go out of my house for 2-3 weeks. I’d probably only go out to train at the gym. In Thailand, it’s different. When I finish work at 8pm, I wouldn’t be able to have the freedom to go to the supermarket or eat out at a restaurant.

AL365: How do you manage to stay motivated while living during lockdown in a different country?Flaremode: Focusing on our work and our goals helps a lot to stay motivated.

AL365: What can you tell aspiring producers right now?Don’t give up. It is definitely the time to push harder since labels depend on new music to stay alive. Through the people in this moment, the music industry will be able to start working again once this crisis is over. If aspiring producers do nothing for up to 6-7 months because there are no events or because they are losing interest, I think they are gonna be finding themselves in a much worse situation when the industry is back to normal. I think it is the right moment now to focus on the music more than ever.

AL365: Once the COVID-19 situation gets better, where do you want to be?We cannot wait to get back to the festival season in Europe. This summer, we were supposed to play at Ultra Music Festival in Croatia. We also hope to work again with Tomorrowland. And of course, we cannot wait to tour in Asia such as China, Thailand, and Philippines. We cannot wait to go back to Malaysia, as its one of the first countries who have given us support.

Source @AsiaLive365
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B-Goss is the name that identifies the music producer, DJ Gigi Giangrossi. 

He began his career at the age of 13, first as public relations manager for the Clubs in Rome, then as Speaker and then disc jockey, achieving considerable success throughout Italy. His single "We Gon Ride", with Flo Rida and T-Pain, earned him worldwide fame, staying for more than two weeks in the top ranking iTunes Japan [Dance] Chart 2016, with great artists like Avicii, DJ Snake, David Guetta and many others.

The video clip of this song has been very successful on various U.S. music television channels such as MTV, with international viral interest.

Among the protagonists of the video clip are characters such as, the professional football player Keita Baldé paired with Mercedesz Henger, daughter of Eva Henger. 

In June 2016, immediately after the success of his single "We Gon Ride", in collaboration with rappers Flo Rida and T-Pain, B-Goss participates in the TV show Top DJ as a guest, playing the role of music expert, giving ratings and advice to contest participants.
In October 2017 the track "Don Trap" is released, a single that will be successful a few months later on English soil. 2018 is the year of change for B-Goss. In May "Subura Su Sky" is released, a song in which B-Goss plays both music producer and rapper, proving to be a complete artist.  In June of the same year Sony Music Entertainment released the song "What's on My Mind" in collaboration with David Celine, an artist from Mauritius.

Both tracks drew particular media attention to B-Goss in anticipation of the release of her new album, scheduled for mid 2020.

We had the chance to sit down with him for an interview, this is what he told us:
- Hi! What do you think about the music industry in the last period? what's the strongest music genre in your opinion this year? 

 I think we've been going through a period of musical transactions lately.
The genre that in my opinion has been the most consistent and uprising is definitely rap/trap.

- Can you talk about your spring tour? Are you in the USA right now?

 I have planned, together with my management, to participate in various Edm events, starting first in Miami, then in Croatia, Asia and finally Holland.
It will be a year full of music, which is the thing I love the most.

- Are you planning to go back to Europe anytime soon? where you are going to perform? 

 I'm going back to Europe in April because I will be participating in the Spring Break Invasion festival that will be taking place in Croatia, which I really look forward to.

- What about your latest music release? can you tell us some details about it?

I am experimenting with new sounds, to find my own identity in the music industry. The track  I will be releasing soon  will be Dance. The acapella that I used, was recorded by a Spanish girl.

- What do you do besides music? We know you are also a great pilot! 

I’m not only a music producer, I’m also a professional helicopter pilot. The two things I love most in the world are music and flying.

- What do you think about Asia? Are you planning a tour here anytime soon?

Asia is a territory I've always wanted to visit. Thinking that my tour has dates there, fills my heart with joy.

Follow B-Goss:
Instagram - Spotify

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<![CDATA[Spinnin Records Presents: Spinnin' Asia (Interview)]]>Thu, 05 Mar 2020 12:53:58 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/spinnin-records-presents-spinnin-asia-interview
Spinnin’ Records is expanding global impression with the launch of Spinnin’ Records Asia. The dance and electronic label is welcoming artists from young Asian heritage talents from the world to showcase their music to a global audience. Read below to see what Spinnin’ Records have to say.​

1.          Congratulations on the launch of Spinnin’Records Asia.  Can you give us a little introduction to it?
Asia is one of the most interesting regions for dance music, delivering lots of exciting new artists. This label is meant to introduce some of these artists (or artists with Asian roots) to the rest of the world. It’s also a place where artists from other regions can team up with Asian artists, resulting in unique new sounds and (hopefully) groundbreaking genres. 
Roger de Graaf (CEO)

2.          What do you think about the Asian market?
We feel this is up-and-coming. We initially noticed the rise of the Asian scene by our own artists receiving more bookings there. They came back with impressive experiences at wonderful festivals and events, with a huge, dedicated audience. We then saw more and more DJs and producers from the Asian countries emerge, the quality of the music was getting better. And now, it’s at a point where it could change the face of worldwide dance music with its unique artists and music. 
Roger de Graaf (CEO)

3.          What do you think Spinnin’Records Asia will bring to the Asian edm scene?
We hope to add even more fresh vibes to the scene :) But above all, we hope the Asian scene can bring us the best possible music, so we can promote this with the rest of the world!
Roger de Graaf (CEO)

4.          Who are some of the newer producers you are working with that you’re excited about? 
The first release on the label came from BEAUZ, two brothers who were born in Asia. They have a super cool fresh new sound, you can call it psy-pop, and they are finalizing their second single for us at the moment. We recently did a release with famous Indonesian actress and singer Prilly, together with the Brazilian duo Selva. We released a cool vocal future house track from Ken Takano, who teamed up with a fresh producer called Patrick Moreno, and now there’s a super cool new version/mix coming up from SHAUN and Advanced, titled ‘My Bad’(feat. Julie Bergan) which is an edit by KSHMR. We are talking to DJ Soda for a couple of single releases, plus we are working on a couple of other exciting projects – more news soon!
Jorn Heringa (Head A&R)​

5.          What kind of stuff do you look for in a producer? Are there tangibles that you can look for?
Most importantly, a producer needs to bring something fresh. There are a lot of DJs and producers who tend to imitate an already popular sound, but these kind of records often are not the most interesting for us. We look for someone who brings a completely unique sound, something that immediately attracts attention. This can be a certain electronic sound or genre, or a very cool pop hook. Melody is important here, you want something that’s unforgettable and immediately clicks with an audience.
Jorn Heringa (Head A&R)​

6.          Some labels sign an artist of that caliber just to have that artist on the roster. are you going for that kind of signing, or do you think he is capable of having a hit record?
We have always been about good music. As said, a great melody or groundbreaking new sound. That’s also why we sign a lot of young, unknown producers – if they bring something special, we want to sign them! Of course, we also work with major artists, but they have proven themselves as trendsetters already, so we don’t sign them just because of their name – we know they are capable of delivering something special.
Jorn Heringa (Head A&R)​

7.          Is Spinnin’Records Asia going to work with other genres in the future? For example techno?
We are interested in any kind of electronic music genre. From pop and hip hop to deep house and techno, we have released music in just about every style :) And yes, techno is also one of our loves, so anything’s possible.
Jorn Heringa (Head A&R)​

8.          What kind of strategy does the label use to promote their music?
First of all, let the music do its work. We pitch our releases with most of the biggest DJs in the world, in order to get their support. Once the club and festivals crowds are excited about a record, we promote it on a wider scale, from (specialist) radio and all the streaming portals to (dance) music media. We work with tailor made strategic marketing plans for each release. What works for one record definitely doesn’t mean it will work for another. We take a close look at both the track itself and the artist in order to lock in a solid plan which increases our chances of having the best possible outcome.
Susanne Hazendonk (Global Head Marketing/Records)

9.          What effects have social media and streaming services had on music sharing and consumption?
Spinnin’ has always been one of the frontrunners when it comes to social media, hence the brands’ enormous current reach. We were able to build a true, and still growing community which gives us the opportunity to talk to our fans directly. A huge advantage in this new era of music consumption. We are a household name, a quality mark, within the dance scene and this translates to the streaming services as well. We have a huge following on Spotify and it’s amazing to see that there is room for all (sub) genres to exist.  
Susanne Hazendonk (Global Head Marketing/Records)

10.    In the face of competition from other music records, what makes Spinnin’Records Asia stand out?
We believe it’s our 20 years long background in dance music and working with so many different artists that gives us an edge. We know our way in the global scene, are connected with the right people, and are able to pick up a great record anywhere in the world. Of course, being part of Warner Music Group also helps a lot – we have even more foothold in different parts of the world now. Warner is super helpful with enhancing our brand and discovering new artists.
Roger de Graaf (CEO)

11.    What’s next for Spinnin’Records Asia?
Lots of new music! Right now we are going strong with the new single from Prilly & Selva – ‘Shooting Stars’. But there’s also a Vietnames Nu Breed EP coming up, as well as a KSHMR edit of SHAUN and Advanced – ‘My Bad’ , bot scheduled for release in March. Our goal is to deliver some groundbreaking records from Asia this year, which we have already found many of since the launch of the label. Lots of good stuff coming up!
Roger de Graaf (CEO)

Source AsiaLive365 
<![CDATA[Jean Marie Is Taking Over The USA With A Massive Tour]]>Wed, 04 Mar 2020 06:37:49 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/jean-marie-is-taking-over-the-usa-with-a-massive-tour
Italian DJ Jean Marie is brining you on a trip to USA for a massive tour powered by Ancestrale. Make sure to get your tickets before it's too late! 

03.03 Las Vegas - Techno Taco Tuesday

07.03 Hollywood - Avalon

13.03 Los Angeles - Death camp

17.03 Miami - Radio 105

18.03 South Beach - Nikki beach

19.03 South Beach - Nexus radio

19.03 Miami - T.B.A.

22.03 Fort Lauderdale - T.B.A.

23.03 Miami beach - Ancestrale

24.03 Miami Beach - Peter torre & friends

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<![CDATA[WIRED MUSIC WEEK SET TO ELECTRIFY MALAYSIA WITH FULL LINEUP REVEAL]]>Fri, 28 Feb 2020 01:34:08 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/wired-music-week-set-to-electrify-malaysia-with-full-lineup-revealCompleting the lineup with latest pillar, re:Wired, which bridges the music industry with the gaming industry
Kuala Lumpur, 28 February 2020 - The third installment of Asia’s Largest Electronic Music Conference & Festival, Wired Music Week (WMW) , is set to electrify Malaysia with the announcement of its full lineup featuring the addition of the new pillar, re:Wired . The conference takes place from 12th to 15th March 2020 against the sights and sounds of official venue partner, Zouk Genting .

re:Wired will see Wired Music Week partnering with Sync Summit to create a series of panels, keynotes and workshops focusing on the intersection of music, gaming and esports. The aim of this partnership is to provide attendees, including artists, and people from the music and game industries with practical information, intelligence, resources and networking opportunities in order to gain relevant resources and practical knowledge to succeed in getting their music into games.

Sync Summit CEO Mark Frieser says of the partnership, “We are delighted to partner with Wired Music Week to help provide attendees with the practical tools they need to succeed in sync and composition for games. As the premier event programming company, in sync and composition for all types of media, Sync Summit is committed to create and deliver content that will deliver to Wired Music Week’s attendees with insight, information, intelligence and access to the best practices and the people essential to doing business in music and games.”

At the heart of WMW is a passion-fueled movement with the focus of connecting creative individuals and changing attitudes toward the progressing music industry. This year is no different, with the main conference centered around the theme of Sustainability within all aspects of the global electronic music industry.

From industry trends to mental health, WMW will take a deep dive into various exciting topics and explore new methods to maintain the sustainability of electronic music in today’s modern world with the addition of speakers such as Olga Heijns (CEO Mixmash & Next Era Music Publishing ) and Robb Harker (CEO of Supermodified Agency) . Newly announced panels include Label’s Perspective: Merging East and West In The Artist’s Strategy , that aims to bridge both ends of the spectrum of the industry on a global level for maximum artist exposure, and The Evolving Relationship Between Artists & Managers , on what it means to be an artist manager in today’s modern context. 

Another highly anticipated addition to WMW is new pillar, Wired Black , which sheds light on the underground music scene to showcase an alternative side to electronic music. Leading this pillar will be the opening keynote, Evolving As An Asian DJ Into The International Circuit , delivered by Thai DJ, Nakadia , through her personal career journey in successfully breaking through to the Western market. Another highlight in this pillar will be the panel, The Evolution Of The Revolution , where four prominent movers and shakers of the nightlife and entertainment industry in Asia, including the likes of Paul Hugo (Country Director of Hakkasan Group Indonesia) , who will discuss the evolution of the clubbing and rave culture in Asia over the last 20 years and how it has affected the industry in general. Wired Black will also feature panels such as Sustainability & Underground Events , inspired by the conference theme and The Future Of Journalism: Borders & Beyond , which takes a look at modern day music journalism.

Further new additions to the full WMW lineup also includes workshops such as The Universal Music Production led by acclaimed house music tastemaker, Styline , and Frequency Lab Sessions by DJs Arkham Knights and Sihk ; as well as a slew of afterparties guaranteed to bring conference attendees to their feet in Zouk Genting featuring a lineup of international DJ acts.
1. Wellness Sessions - April Kuan
2. Giant Beer Pong Challenge
3. Dance Music Trivia
4. Sunday Brunch Party
5. Pro-Networking Drinks Sessions
6. DJCity Malaysia Linkup (First Edition In Malaysia)
7. Gala Dinner

AFTER PARTIES - (10PM till late)
1. Thursday 12.3 - WMW2020 Official Opening Party - Empire
2. Friday 13.3 - Wired Black After Party - Empire
3. Friday 13.3 - Connect Asia Opening Party - Zouk Genting
4. Saturday 14.3 - Markus Schulz & Arkham Knights - Zouk Genting
5. Saturday 14.3 - Siam Songkran Festival Takeover Party - Empire
6. Saturday 14.3 - Wired Black Pres. 10 Years of Ohrwurm - FuHu
7. Sunday 15.3 - Re:Wired Opening Party - Empire

Tickets are now available for sale at https://wmw2020.pouchnation.com/
For more information about Wired Music Week, head on to www.wmw.my or check out their social media platforms below:
Facebook  |  Instagram  |  LinkedIn
<![CDATA[Interview With Vintage Culture]]>Fri, 21 Feb 2020 09:17:03 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/interview-with-vintage-culture

1)You’ve just released your track Deep Inside Of Me what was your inspiration about?  

The vocal performance of MKLA  was an inspiration to create a sonic landscape that was equal to her passionate performance.  We needed an instrumental that was dramatic, cool and sexy. An instrumental which took the listeners on a journey. This was a big challenge and I think we’ve achieved our goal.  This Video for “Deep Inside of Me” is a work of Art. It’s available on Youtube today.
2)How did you get into music in the first place? 

It felt like a gravitational pull. Even at a young age I was drawn to music. When I was 18, away from home and attending school, I spent my spare time studying music production and learning everything I could using my tiny computer.  The way Depeche Mode or New Order combined electronic instrumentals with true songwriting caught my attention. That inspiration has stayed with me. This is how I approach each new song even today.

3)What artists are you inspired by?

Today, I’m inspired by great songs with creative productions. It doesn’t matter if it’s by a superstar artist, or a new talent. It’s the creativity that inspires me most and the passion that I recognize behind the music. I like to be surprised. If I can hear something new or unique in a production, that is always refreshing. 

4)This year you played major festivals like Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Rock n Rio  and many other clubs around the world. How has the experience of traveling non-stop been?   

Most importantly, walking on stage and seeing the fans, many whom have been with you for years is an indescribable feeling.  This is what it’s all about. I feel like I’m in a long term relationship with my fans and they keep inspiring me to do my best work. I’ll tell you,  in the beginning the constant traveling was strenuous. Being away from home all the time was not always easy. But I’ve built a strong team over the years and they are like family to me. Traveling with your best friends definitely makes being away from home easier. Knowing that I can rely on the people around me is something I appreciate everyday.

5)What was your most memorable festival or club experience this year?  

2020 is still young, but this past weekend 500,000 people filled the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. A festival I headlined which included talented artists from all over the country. It was an amazing sight watching fans  dancing- as far as the eye can see- to the music I’ve created.  
6) Do you have any future plans we can be looking out for?  

As I write this, my previous single, “In The Dark” is Number #1 on the Billboard Dance Club charts in the USA.  This is a good beginning to 2020.
In 2020 I will being touring North America including New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.  I will be on the Main Stage at Tomorrowland- the biggest festival in Europe- and I’m looking forward to seeing my fans in Europe again. I have a new release each month until the end of December. I’ve put my soul into each new song. I appreciate the dedication of my fans and want to give them my very best.

7) Communication with fans is essential. What is your relationship with social media?

Let’s be very clear about this. The posts on social media are directly from me. Yes, I share posts from promoters, record label and my colleagues - but my connection to the fans is very direct.  I’m allowing my fans to have a glimpse of my life… the same way they show me their lives. Something I enjoy most is sharing the posts my fans create when they are dancing to my tracks.

8)So what’s been on your spotify playlist and what have you been listening to?  

I find music from all over the world. Seriously, from Asia, Russia to Australia to Central Europe.  I will update my playlists on Spotify and you will see for yourself. 

9)Will you come to Malaysia soon?

Malaysia is a country that has been so supportive of dance music.  The world sees this and appreciates this. Performing in Malaysia and introducing fans to my songs is a big hope for 2020.

@2020 DJ Mag Malaysia - Simona Nardone

<![CDATA[AUDIOTRICZ RELEASE THEIR DEBUT ALBUM,A NEW DAWN (Chapter 1), ON ‘ART OF CREATION’]]>Sat, 01 Feb 2020 04:26:48 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/features/audiotricz-release-their-debut-albuma-new-dawn-chapter-i-on-art-of-creation
Léon Benschop and Kenneth Kroes have turned their dreams into a daily reality. A friendship based on a shared passion and love for making music - mixed with a healthy dose of ambition - has since seen the pair rapidly grow into a leading hardstyle act, conquering mainstages all over the world.

Known for their strong melodic sound, Dutch duo Audiotricz have now finally debuted their debut album ‘A New Dawn’ on Art Of Creation. Proudly sharing their redefined sound within the hardstyle world, the duo’s mission of crafting music with a deeper meaning is emphasised by the album’s opening interlude; a guitar performance of ‘Shamed’ played live during the endshow of Defqon.1.

The performance - a career highlight for the pair - showcased Leon’s instrumental strength on electronic guitar, whilst Kenneth occupied the booth to mesmerise the crowd, with both citing the show as an inspiration for their consequential flow of fresh ideas in the studio.

Using this boost to enhance their production prowess, the pair set about creating their best work to date, with ’Skywards’ proving a particular album highlight, led by the incredible vocals of Micheal Jo. Explaining a period of time where the duo were searching for the next stage in their lives, the track is truly unique, but still offers an insight to their soul, which is powerfully heard throughout Combining a strong melody with such emotive lyrics is a sure-fire sign that Audiotricz have found the flame again.
Packing in more addictive melodies and guitar riffs across the release, including collaborations with Atmozfears, and 160 BPM dancefloor-killer with Darren Styles, the pair also work with melodic genius Demi Kanon, and E-Life on the album. With outstanding remixes by Code Black (‘Let The Be Light’) and highly talented duo Ecstatic (‘Alchemy Of Hardstyle’) also making the final cut, it’s safe to say that Audiotricz’ signature sound shines throughout.

Raising their musical bar, Chapter One of their musical story may be complete, but based on the impeccable quality of this release, fans from all across the globe will prove hopeful that further chapters are incoming during the near future.

‘A New Dawn’ full tracklist:

01. Shamed (Interlude)
02. Shamed 
03. Distance (feat. Nino Lucarelli)
04. Let There Be Light (Code Black Remix)
05. Supersonic (With E-Life)
06. Renegade (With Demi Kanon)
07. Skywards (feat. Michael Jo)
08. Don’t Say Goodbye (feat. Aloma)
09. A New Dawn (Interlude)
10. Different (With E-Life)
11. Way Of The Wicked (With Atmozfears)
12. Energy (With Darren Styles)
13. Alchemy Of Hardstyle (Ecstatic Remix)