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JEAN MARIE, stage name of Jean Marie Carrabba, is a song-writer, producer, DJ and remixer. Jean Marie Carrabba, born at Albano Lazio (Rome), November 20, 1982, is a professional in the art world with a strong attitude in the music industry both as an individual musician, author of songs of diverse genres, lyrics and melodies, of soundtracks for film and video, both as producer and more generally as organizer and manager of events, being also provided a specific technical ability, which allows him to create and implement any musical product as well as video. His first activity in the temporal sense was to DJ, producer and remixer, activity that continues to exercise as well as in Italy and abroad. The official video of his songs have had several million views. His works have been published by various labels, including the Blanco y Negro (top 10 worldwide dance-lable), and have been published by some majors, such as Sony, Universal and Columbia. His experiences led him in most European countries and the United States of America and in particular, between London and San Diego (California) he discovered the House-Music. The Artist has already show his style EDM, BOUNCE, ELECTRO in some of the best sites on the international circuit: Space - Ibiza, Fabric & Ministry of Sound - London, WMC & MMW - Miami, General Stores - Milan, Tito's & BCM - Mallorca, Maxim & Nasty - Paris. In the role of dj, JEAN MARIE best represents the EDM & M.bounce: He just loves to make jump the crowd! In his productions always tries to join the class of POPs and the undisputed strength of BIG-ROOM & EDM. Between 2001 ans 2005 in London, under the wing of his mentors George Mitchell and Steven Ritch, performs in several clubs, including Fabric, the Colosseum, the Orange, Beyond, the Cross, Turnmills and ofcourse Ministry of Sound. Thanks to his DJ-SETs at JUICE (weekly event of the Yatch Club, in a room inside a boat located on the River Thames) raise awareness of the reality of clubbing and house music in London. In 2005 he began to promote the "DJ-KLUB", an event that was extremely successful and that allows him to better appreciate his name, so he was offered a full time dj residence in Palma de Mallorca, an island where in 2006 Hotfunkboys and his "DJ-KLUB" move and where he built his own studio or the DJ-HOME, which since 2007 uses for the production of music along with countless studies of PRO category located in all parts of the world. In 2011 launches its own record label "Overmind Tracks", with headquarters in Milan. The General Stores are the base camp of the evenings signed "Overmind Tracks". In recent years he has shared the console with artists, to name a few, such as Hardwell, Dyro, Quintino, R3hab, Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia.​
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Pioneering his own blend of electronic dance music over the past two years, Dutch producer Brooks has carved a solid name for himself with a selection of outstanding originals and remixes which have caught the world’s attention. Brooks has managed to stand out from the masses and gain increasing recognition with his innovative style of rhythmic electro house and melodic future house. For his contribution to the scene so far in 2018, Brooks has just picked up the SLAM! Award for ‘Best Talent’ – and he’s not stopping there. Delivering a steady stream of impressive releases on a variety of different imprints, Brooks’ larger-than- life productions have garnered attention on a global scale; dominating the online sphere. His speedy rise to success caught the eye of international superstars Martin Garrix, Showtek, Bassjackers and Mike Williams, resulting in a string of high-profile collaborations including “On Our Own” with Showtek and “Byte” with Martin Garrix. Not only that, Brooks’ first release of 2018 was a colossal collaboration with both Garrix and David Guetta titled “Like I Do” – which further catapulted the producer to the fore in terms of his impressive musicality.

If we turn our attention to Brooks’ remixing talents, his seemingly effortless technique of reworking tracks has seen him officially remix songs produced by David Guetta, Gryffin & Illenium and – most recently – ZAYN & Sia’s monster hit “Dusk Till Dawn”.
Alongside his clear production talent, Brooks’ ability to showcase a stellar performance on-stage has earned him a reputation as one of electronic music’s most heterogenous DJ’s. From Europe to Asia, Africa and beyond, the producer is maintaining a lasting impression on a global scale. Having performed at World Club Dome and Ushuaia Ibiza and with plenty more on his plate for 2018, expect to see Brooks showcasing more of his eclectic form of dance music with wide-reaching appeal.

With artists like Martin Garrix championing Brooks as one of their favourite DJ’s for the coming months and beyond, it’s evident that this is one young producer who is destined to make a prominent mark on the electronic dance music scene.
The Interview:

Why and when do you started to produce electronic music?

When I was younger, I used to stay at my cousin's house a lot and he had this old pioneer CDJ setup in his basement. We both spent hours just digging for random music that we liked. We then burnt the songs onto CDs and tried to mix them all. As we got more and more interested in DJing, we started asking ourselves how the music was made. We did some research online and discovered FL studio. I downloaded the free version and started to figure it all out and since that love for production started, I've gradually been improving as time passed.

Can you share with us something special about your song "Like i do" ?

The three of us never actually met to work on the track! We worked solely via Facetime and email. This was a first for me, but it worked out really well and the process was really enjoyable. We each have different skills and intuition to bring to the music, so it was an interesting creative process.

How's to work with David Guetta and Martin Garrix? Did you ever expected that?

It was such a great experience. They are both good friends and brilliant producers - and we worked really well as a group. They're both funny guys and have great attention to detail that  is reflected in my own work, so we have a lot in common. Martin I've been close with for a while now, so it was nice to pair up with another of our buddies for Like I Do. It made sense.

What were you doing when you are not producing music?

Whenever I get the chance to relax, I sleep!! My schedule is pretty much nocturnal sometimes so I can be all over the place once I've had a long production session. In terms of socialising though, I like to hit the bars with friends and watch a bit of awful TV with a takeaway.

What about your future plans?

I've got loads of shows coming up and I want to keep playing more and more! New music is on the way very soon. Overall, my aim is to keep pushing myself and keep stepping outside of my comfort zone. There's a lot of pressure in this industry to conform and to play by other people's rules, so I'm constantly trying to better myself by improving my mindset and personal drive. I don't want to be like everyone else.

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From one-to-watch to leader of the pack, Julian Jordan’s rapid ascent through the dance music world has been something to behold. It’s no surprise given the fresh quality of his productions, which always surprise and delight in equal measures. Not beholden to tired formulas or following the latest trend, he instead paves his own way with innovative rhythms, atypical riffs and endlessly inventive production.

Having made his name with a slew of anthems on scene-leading labels like Spinnin’ Records, DOORN Records and Revealed Recordings, he has now made great strides with his own label GOLDKID (Records). Increasingly the place for his own output, he has shown great diversity with his first few releases on the label, covering peak-time anthems and electronic pop. Then there was also the matter of his collaboration with Martin Garrix as part of his ADE 7 tracks in 7 days giveaway, the fierce electro of Welcome, which has accrued 15 million streams to date. All this lead to a well-deserved nomination for Best Dutch Act at the MTV EMAs in 2016.

On the DJ front, he joined the likes of Garrix and Calvin Harris in holding a monthly residency at Las Vegas’ prestigious Omnia, while he’s a regular at world-leading festivals like Tomorrowland and Electric Daisy Carnival. Reaching further afield, he has also dipped into the world of fashion, launching his own capsule collection with Chasin‘ to great acclaim.

His advice to aspiring producers is simple: be yourself: “Always try to create the music you want to create and don’t care too much about what other people say about your music. If it’s something that you are proud of that’s the only thing that matters, because you created it.
These wise words have served him very well indeed.

So tell us more about your new Track "Chinook"? The song is amazing, what does it mean Chinook? And what did thought when you created this song?

How I came up with the title is actually a pretty funny story. I was in San Diego with my girlfriend, I just played a show there and the next day we visited the Zoo. There was this polar bear called Chinook and I said "I like this name, I'm going to name a track after him one day!" and that's how the track name came about!

GOLDKID Records is your own record label! How did you decide to create your own record label? Was this something you always wanted?

It's something I always wanted , have creative freedom, create a label that represents my style and create a platform for other people to play/release their music as well. I've been working for a long time on that label, just releasing my own tracks and now I'm thinking about adding other people as well, to give other people a chance. Young producers to be exposed as well. I didn't really have good times with some records labels back in the days so I want to give the young kids the best experience.

What type of songs are you looking for GOLDKID? Can you tell your fans what they can expect for next releases?

My sound for "Goldkid"... I'm actually looking for different genres. As long as they put their love and passion into the tracks I'm down for everything because I like to play so much different music in my sets, If it's good enough and I play it in my set I definitely want to release it.

Can you tell us about your project "Play on"? What was your idea when you created the concept for it?

I started playing music and producing when I was 15 years old. I actually started producing when I was twelve. I couldn't go to festivals, I couldn't go to clubs. As a Dj, I had the chance to play in the clubs but I was always the really young kid. And I was like " I want to create something for people to experience that at a younger age." because I never had the chance to experience that and I really wanted to give the kids the chance to see it. So "Play On" for me, the concept is giving the kids a chance to play, have a good time and to go on the crowd as well.
It's just for all the kids to go there, party and that's it. That's what I want to do.

Did you already accomplish one of your big goals? Was it the way you imagine it would be?

One of my big goals was always Ultra Miami main stage and I did that one, It was really cool. There's only one goal left, It's  Tomorrowland main stage, closing the Tomorrowland main stage. Let's hope so, even after 10 years, I would do it. Just thinking on the strategy, on how I'm going to do it, visualize it and then I'm gonna work for it.

How are you feeling about your residency in Omnia at Las Vegas? This year you already joined Calvin Harris, Hardwell and Martin Garrix, share with us how it was?

It's amazing to be part of that club. Such an amazing vibe. Great people,  if you are there you can see the effects. I can't describe in words how playing that clubs feels. The big chandelier, everything is so super sick.. Two years ago I was playing Omnia as Martin's  support dj act, and it felt so sick to be there. The Omnia team saw my opening sets and they were like " Alright, we want you to play all nights as well" and I was like "Wow". So that's how it all started..

How are your feelings about playing here on Tomorrowland?

It's always amazing to be here, actually, last time was so super super sick, . I'm really curious about this year and it's going to be better. Let's hope. Let's make the most of it!!

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Armin Van Buuren is one of those names that doesn’t require 
introduction! Like, if you never hear of him, you don’t know anything 
about electronic music, especially trance music!

We had the wonderful chance to have this great interview with 
him just before his set at Tomorrowland!

So DJs and Fans, take note! We are about to share his advices, 
thoughts and the latest updates of this giant on the electronic music 

Armin Only is the name of Armin’s solo show that in the past few 
years became an amazing dance music experience. His biggest Armin 
Only show happened at Amsterdam Arena celebrating 20 years of Armin 
as a DJ and musician. He also had special guests like singers, DJs, 
dancers and many other artists joining him on this amazing performance.

We wanted to know by his words how much this event meant to him and 
as the great and humble artist that he is he replied with this  kind

Armin: “It was the biggest thing I ever done, maybe the biggest thing 
I’ll ever do, I don’t know. I feel so much gratitude towards my fans, 
towards all the artist that was there, towards Armada, towards all 
live events, everybody that helped me to make this possible. I mean, 
It was a really fun journey, not only because of my fans but also to 
make this show together, you know, together with my crew, with the 
people that I work every day. I mean, you look at me, at the person 
Armin Van Buuren but Armin Van Buuren is a brand and a lot of people 
are working on that brand every day.”

And talking more about the team behind Armin Van Buuren as a brand he 
also shares this piece of advice that everyone should take note right 

“It’s great to have success on your own but it’s a lot more fun to 
share success with the people around you.”

We couldn’t forget to ask him about ASOT Radio that stands for Armin 
Van Buuren’s State Of Trance radio show broadcast weekly all over de 
world to over 41 million listeners! What did you expect?! It’s Armin 
Van Buuren! So he told us the reason why he loves the show and more:

Armin: “What I love about doing this radio show is that I get to see 
and listen other DJs set, which I normally don’t have the time to do 
because I’m always in the studio or traveling and this really gets me 
excited because I’m close to my fans. I’m close to the people that I 
work all the time and we broadcast to millions of people in around 
the world right now, so it’s really cool to be in touch  and spread 
the love about trance music all around the world.”

Our next step was asking him about right now! What were his news and 
updates, and as a pretty busy artist he shares almost a list of thing 
you can check right now!

“I do have some exciting news about my new compilation that is coming 
up on the 18 of August, I’m dropping a new two CD with a new guide 
track as well, some other brand new tracks and we just announce state 
of trance 850 in Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on the 17 of February of 2018,
so that’s coming up.  Just released my new single called Sunny Days and also just released a track with
Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano called “You Are”
that is doing really well. And I’m just working really hard in the 
studio right now and I haven’t made any plans for Armin Only tours or 
any albums yet. I just want to, you know enjoy a little bit the ride 
that a had at the Amsterdam Arena, I was super happy with what 
happened there and I’m having a super busy summer with my residency 
in Ibiza, Tomorrowland, and that’s all going really well. I got some 
exciting stuff laying up for the rest of the year and next year.”


​This is a man driven by an unbridled and relentless passion for music. Armin van Buuren is a born perfectionist, striving to stay on top of the scene hes helped build. As the flag-bearer of the trance movement, hes one of the most influential figures in EDM worldwide. Even though he lives an extraordinary life as one of the worlds most popular DJs, he has always remained a down-to-earth guy. Armin van Buuren is constantly on the move, whether creating music in his studio or en route to his next high-end club or festival show around the globe.

Armin: Its not just love for music, its my passion. It goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby. Its about a way of living. Music is essential to my life.

For more than twenty years, the Grammy-nominated Dutchman has been living to the rhythm of his own interna- tional success. His five-time number one position in the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll has been the result of his loyalty to fans, his creativity in the studio, the perseverance with which he hosts his weekly radio show A State of Trance, and the energy he brings to the crowds in front of him. Despite the heavy pressure that comes with being one of the worlds most popular DJs, Armin has always kept his focus on the music. And thats exactly what keeps him going.

Born in Leiden, the Netherlands (December 25, 1976) to a musical family, Armin indulged his passion for music from a young age. He spent all of the money he earned from his paper route on records. His mom won a computer when he was 10, piquing Armins interest in technology. So as a little nerdy kid I was writing my own basic pro- grams and learnt about the technology from there. Armin progressed from making low-profile mix tapes for friends to high-end mixes when he started experimenting with different sequences on his computer through his un- cle. I was so stunned by what I saw him doing on the computer that I got addicted to creating music right there and then!
I loved dance music immediately this great rebellious sound that was so different from the beautiful songs of the years before. Armin cites electronic pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre as a major influence, as well as Dutch producer Ben Liebrand, who later mentored him in his mixing and producing.

In the early days, Armin thought it was wise to have a back-up plan, and so he studied for a law degree. The final year of his course was inevitably stretched out as he juggled his studies with his increasingly hectic schedule; his rise to fame included lots of productions and remixes, as well as playing in front of packed clubs every weekend. It took him three years to graduate, but his determination made him succeed.
Despite having a Masters degree in Law, the main ingredient in Armins life has always been music. Armin: I see it as my responsibility to promote trance as a genre, and I want to support it in every way I can. Music should con- nect us. As long as the music keeps evolving like it is, I will continue and I dont see any reason to slow down.

No matter how many hours Armin van Buuren has travelled to get there, as soon as he enters the DJ booth, the Dutchman puts his full focus on the music, the crowd, and how those two will combine. Once the beats of his first record kicks in, the room lights up and chanting starts to fill the air. To witness a set by Armin van Buuren is to be blown away to lose yourself completely in the music and become one with the people around you. Mixing seam- lessly, he has created his own sound and style, making his DJ sets a truly unique experience. He unites millions, not only through the gigs in his challenging schedule, but also through his Armin Only and A State of Trance world tours.

His busy life as a DJ has inspired countless people both personally and professionally. In 2009, Dutch author Coen Bom presented his on-the-road biography of Armin called Eén op één / Armin Only, in which he reported on the hectic life of Armin and tried to find the secret behind the grand success of the humble Dutchman. In October 2012,
the official documentary A Year With Armin van Buuren was released, in which Armin was followed during an important year in his life, offering a unique look behind the scenes and inside his personality. Again and again, his life as a superstar DJ continues to inspire others.
Armin has had the privilege of performing at some of the worlds biggest and best festivals, clubs, events, and shows. One of the highlights of his career was Armins performance for the newly crowned King and Queen of the Netherlands in 2013, Willem-Alexander and Máxima. Together with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and in front of the monarchs and 15,000 fans, he performed both The Bolero as well as an orchestral version of the title track from his Intense album. During the Koningsvaart (a special, cultural boat trip through the city of Amster- dam), the King and Queen surprised both the crowd and Armin by getting on stage and dancing along with him.

Without question, another memorable highlight of Armins career was his DJ set at the Museumplein in Amsterdam in July of 2010, during the ceremonial honoring of the Dutch national soccer team. Even though the national team lost in the FIFA World Cup final, they partied like they were the absolute winners with a crowd of 200,000 strong.
In 2013, Armins career hit another milestone when he was the first solo dance artist to play in Madison Square Gar- den. The event was completely sold out, representing another crowning achievement for the DJ.
After the 2013 summer season had ended (along with his residency at the worlds biggest club, Privilege in Ibiza), Armin kicked off a new Armin Only world tour based on his Intense album, in collaboration with theatre director Jos Thie. More than 33 dates were set, with shows landing in cities such as Kiev, Mumbai, Saint-Petersburg, Hel- sinki, New York, Toronto, Mexico City, Sydney, Johannesburg, and more. With the Armin Only tour, Armin bran- dished a unique and exclusive show format, which unfolded like the many layers of his Intense album. In total, more than 500,000 visitors attended, spanning 5 continents. A Road Movie series was also created, documenting behind-the-scenes footage of the entire tour as it took place.

In 2014, Armin began a highly successful weekly residency at the famous Ushuaïa Beach Hotel in Ibiza, playing every Thursday night from June 26th to September 11th alongside top DJs from the Armada Music roster. After the residency, he released a compilation entitled A State of Trance at Ushuaïa Ibiza to commemorate the season.
As if to underline the success of the residency, Armin returned to the Ushuaa Beach Hotel a year later for another A State Of Trance at Ushuaa, Ibiza summer. His performances in the center of the Ushuaa pool were met with widespread passion and enthusiasm amongst his fans, subsequently leading to the release of the second volume of his Ushuaa compilation series: A State Of Trance at Ushuaa, Ibiza 2015.


​On January 26th, 2016, Armin van Buuren announced the first two dates of his brand-new Armin Only Embrace world tour, to which even more dates were added later on through a live announcement at A State Of Trance Festi- val Utrecht on February 27thArmin Only: Embrace’ has since seen a spectacular kick-off in Amsterdam, the Neth- erlands and has brought a spectacular offering to other cities, including Gdansk (Poland), Dubai (UAE), Sofia (Bul- garia), Minsk (Belarus), and Mexico City (Mexico and more. 

At the end of 2016, Armin van Buuren announced that hed be giving rise to an unmatched spectacle in 2017. On Friday May 12th and Saturday May 13th of 2017, the world-renowned DJ will touch down in one of the most prestig- ious venues of the Netherlands, the Amsterdam ArenA, for The Best Of Armin Only, celebrating the 20th anniver- sary of his career. Both shows sold out in no time. 


What started as an obsession for radio has turned into a weekly highlight for more than 38 million listeners, broad- casting to over 100 FM stations and fans from over 84 countries. In June 2001, Armin van Buuren aired the first epi- sode of A State of Trance. Fourteen years later, he still hosts the weekly 2-hour show, where he presents the big- gest tunes of the moment and provides an interactive way for fans to discover new music. Regular features of the show are the Tune of the Week, Service For Dreamers, and the Future Favorite, which is based on an online voting poll.

Celebrating each milestone, Armin did an extensive world tour based around the 650th episode of ASOT in early 2014. The New Horizons world tour landed in the cities of Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Almaty, Utrecht, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Miami. The 8-week tour took place in January, February, and March of 2014 and included nine shows in countries all around the globe, with events broadcast live on the A State of Trance website.

In continuation of the success of ASOT, Armin kicked off his A State of Trance Festival tour. ASOT Festival was a new concept developed for 2015 in conjunction with ASOT Episode #700. Armin van Buuren became the first DJ to have his own festival: the biggest trance festival tour in history. The tour invaded Utrecht, Buenos Aires, Ultra Mu- sic Festival in Miami, Sydney and Melbourne, Mexico, and other destinations worldwide. Episode #700 was also the first time that an entirely fan-created show was used, with fans being given the chance to present their favorite tracks on air.

Fans were asked to submit voice recordings of themselves introducing their favorite trance tracks of all time, and the resultant songs and recordings were used to create an entirely fan-made episode, which marked the first time in the world a major dance radio show has ever done this.

After hitting the world with another series of A State Of Trance events (A State Of Trance 750), the very first edi- tion of A State Of Trance 800 was also announced by Armin van Buuren during one of his radio shows episodes. In February 2017, A State Of Trance 800 kicked off in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the Netherlands, likely to be a spring- board to other full-blown A State Of Trance 800 events.

Reflecting upon the A State of Trance world tours, Armin says: Im deeply honored by all the positive things that are happening for the show and for the sound in general. Ive always said ASOT is not only a show for, but also a show by the fans. The show wouldnt be where it is without the fans, so it feels amazing to see so many people cel- ebrating along. Its crazy to see groups of fans going crazy to the same music that were playing on the other side of the world. People wearing banners, flags, and making their own private party. This is what I meant with turning the world into a dance floor.

Each year, the listeners of the show are asked to vote for their favorite records of the year, with the A State of Trance Top 20 as the official result. Each track on this list ends up in the A State of Trance Year Mix, released at the end of December. Weeks of editing and mixing come together in a two-hour mega mix showcasing over a hun- dred tracks and countless memories. Several hundred thousand copies of the series have been sold to date, and the series has been going strong for over ten years. Another series that Armin has linked to the radio show is the A State of Trance Classics compilation. After years of providing some of the most essential classics and all-time fa- vorites in EDM, the series continues to commemorate the early days of dance music. Furthermore, Armin was awarded 4x certified Platinum for his ASOT Year Mix series in late 2014.

In addition to the radio show, Armin started the weekly ‘A State of Trance Podcast’ with a selection from the previ- ous episode of the radio show, ensuring that listeners never miss out on any highlights. Every Sunday, Armin also hosts a 24-hour radio day called ‘A State of Sundays’, broadcast on one of the biggest radio stations in the United States: Sirius XM Satellite Radio. In addition to the A State of Trance shows, A State of Sundays also introduces its listeners to the sets and radio shows of other popular DJs and talented artists.

In 2017, Armin van Buuren opened a brand-new radio studio in the HQ of Armada Music in Amsterdam, from which the A State Of Trance episodes are broadcast live.


Whenever hes not on tour or having a daddy day with his daughter Fenna and son Remy, Armin locks himself up in the studio. Giving meaning to his famous quote Dont be a prisoner of your own style, he explores the boundaries of EDM through his originals and remixes. Some of his most beloved works, such as Communication, Burned With Desire, Blue Fear, Shivers, and Yet Another Day, have grown into highly revered classics, withstanding the test of time.

Armin van Buuren can now look back on the success of his 76 (2003), Shivers (2005), Imagine (2008), Mi- rage (2010), Intense (2013) and Embrace (2015) albums. Intense was nominated for the Dutch Edison Pop Award for Best Dance Album. The follow-up to his Mirage album featured collaborations with Israeli violinist Miri Ben-Ari, Australian duo NERVO, and singers like Trevor Guthrie, Emma Hewitt, Laura Jansen, Fiora, and more. This Is What It Feels Like ft. Trevor Guthrie (the first single off the album) was nominated for the Grammy award for Best Dance Recording and also received a nomination for a Canadian Juno Award. It became a world- wide hit, reaching A-List rotation on radio stations all across the globe and receiving silver, gold, platinum, and dou- ble platinum certifications in countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia, and Italy. The video has reached over 64 million views to date.
After indulging his fans with a fresh Armin van Buuren presents. Rising Star record (Safe Inside You feat. Betsie Larkin), an official remix of the Game Of Thrones Theme, and a collaboration with Electronic Music pioneer Jean- Michel Jarre (Stardust), Armin announced the name of his forthcoming artist album during his ASOT radio show on Thursday September 3rd of 2015.

Embrace emerged as Armins sixth full-length artist album on October 29th, filled with remarkable collaborations with the likes of Mr. Probz (Another You), Hardwell (Off The Hook), Cimo Frnkel (Strong Ones), world-fa- mous Dutch Jazz trumpeter Eric Vloeimans (Embrace) award-winning Dutch band Kensington (Heading Up High), U.K. singer-songwriter BullySongs (Freefall and Caught In The Slipstream) and fellow Grammy nominee Gavin DeGraw (Looking For Your Name).
Said Armin of the stylistic diversity of ‘Embrace’, “Each of the instruments you see on the album cover which was shot by Anton Corbijn was an instrument actually used on the album! I thought it would be a real challenge to myself to try to create dance music using all of these disparate instruments. I really wanted to push myself past my comfort zone and create something very exciting not just for me, but for all the lovers of music out there. I hope you enjoy it.” Judging by the ecstatic reaction of audiences whenever Armin plays his album cuts onstage, he has, once again, suc- ceeded.

In August 2016, Armin van Buuren put out his ‘Old Skool’ mini album. Inspired by the track ‘Old Skool’ on the ‘Embrace’ album, Armin van Buuren went on to revamp timeless classics such as Human Resource – ‘Dominator’, The Ultimate Seduction – ‘The Ultimate Seduction’, Speedy J – ‘Pull Over’, and more. The result, a seven-piece mini album, takes his fans back to where it all started by brandishing a piece of dance music history. 



In 2003, plans emerged to set up a record label: Armada Music. Together with Maykel Piron and David Lewis (Ar- Ma-Da), Armin built the foundation of one of the most successful record labels worldwide. Armada Music (voted Best Global Record Label five years in a row) is home to more than 40 sub labels and releases productions by some of the industrys biggest names and rising talents. Armins very own Armind, A State of Trance, and ‘Who’s Afraid Of 138?! labels have found a safe haven at Armada Music, as well as his A State of Trance compi- lation series and artist albums.
With imprints such as Armada Trice, Armada Deep, Armada Captivating, and The Bearded Man as the main pillars of the record label, the label has branched out to a whole array of different styles and genres, with Lost Frequencies hit singles Are You With Me and Reality (feat. Janieck Devy) as sterling examples of ensued success.

Within the thirteen years of its existence, Armada Music has become one of the most diverse record labels in elec- tronic music, with over eighty employees contributing to the enormous growth of Armada.
Despite his ambitious and hectic schedule, Armin still serves as A&R of the Armind, Whos Afraid Of 138?! , and A State of Trance labels. 


​Armin is truly leaving a beautiful imprint on this scene and we are excited to see all that comes out of 2017 for this legend. Make sure to grab yourself tickets to see Armin (http://www.arminvanbuuren.com/tour-dates/) in a city near you, and don't forget to grab a copy of his brand new ASOT 2017 Album here

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The Kraken Music - Jonny Chiappetta - Peter McGuire

<![CDATA[Exclusive interview with DubVision]]>Mon, 28 Aug 2017 05:49:04 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/international/exclusive-interview-with-dubvision

Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher are fast conquering the world of dance music as scintillating duo DubVision. With everyone from Hardwell to David Guetta to Avicii and Tiësto supporting their show-stopping productions, their prolific output has enjoyed immense exposure across the world.

Although born some eight years apart, the Leicher brothers soon bonded over music after being made to learn instruments by their parents. Victor (the younger of the two) began his experimentations in electronic music at a young age, using rudimentary computer programmes, which soon piqued the interest of Stephan. After time spent growing up in different countries, they eventually pooled their resources to form the act known as DubVision.

After an early effort got snapped up by Armada offshoot Zouk Recordings, DubVision broke through with the massive Swedish House Mafia supported ‘All By Myself’ before teaming up with Project 46 and Donna Lewis on the huge ‘You & I’. Forging relationships and releasing music with Sander Van Doorn’s label Doorn Records and Axwell’s Axtone imprint, they continued to grow their reputation and fanbase.

2013 saw them produce Dutch mega festival Dance Valley’s official anthem, ‘Triton’, alongside Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano. SHM threw their support behind DubVision once again in 2014 via their remix of Discopolis’ ‘Committed To Sparkle Motion’. Major singles ‘Turn It Around’ and ‘Heart’ followed, and many millions of plays and sales later they are now well established as one of the biggest draws in dance music. Remixes for the likes of Avicii, Icona Pop, Dirty South and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have likewise proved hugely popular. Along the way they collaborated with some of the biggest names around, including Dash Berlin, Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and Firebeatz.

2016 was a massive year for the duo, with a trio of releases on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings imprint (Magnum, Primer and Under The Stars) aligning them ever closer with this megastar, and more stellar remixes for The Chainsmokers, Axwell ^ Ingrosso and Afrojack enjoying millions of plays and consistently keeping their name at the top of the dance pile. With such a knack for remixing big pop and crossover singles, you can be assured that it won’t be long before they’re gatecrashing the charts themselves. 

With four Beatport Overall Chart Top 10s, two Beatport Progressive House Chart #1s and a Beatport Electro Chart #1 to their name and over 50 million YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify plays, they have marked themselves out as a serious force in EDM. They have won plaudits for their fresh sound, which brings some genuine emotion and passion to the table alongside those all-important hard-hitting beats and turbo-charged riffs.

Key shows the duo have rocked include WISH Outdoor Festival, Daydream Festival, Vue Miami, Pacha NYC, Marquee Las Vegas, Dance Valley, Kingsland Festival and Amnesia Ibiza. Their 2016 kicked off to a strong start with the huge ‘Sweet Harmony’ on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom, a big remix of Nervo’s ‘Bulletproof’ and new vocal anthem ‘Million Miles’, signalling what could be their biggest year yet. With their Visionary radio show growing rapidly in stature across the world, virtually every major EDM artist supporting their tracks and more certified bombs on the way, they look set to dominate for years to come. 

What's your favorite music genre at the moment? and why?

Progressive house has always been our favorite music genre but we 
like to not think in genres. Good music is good music no matter what 
genre. Melody is always the key thing for us. We love tracks that 
can make you feel a certain way.

Your new single "Something Real" ft. Nevve has just been released 
on Armada Music! Can you tell us the story behind this song?

We wanted to do something different from what people are used of us. 
We made the instrumental concept a while ago and took it with us 
when we went to LA to meet up with Nevve. She loved it and wrote the 
lyrics while we were working on the track.
Your single "Turn it Around" is considered a milestone into the 
progressive house genre. Can we expect to hear that sound again into 
the next future?

It was a very big record for us indeed and we still play it every 
set! We have been releasing similar tracks. For example; ‘I Found 
You Heart’, ‘Fall Apart’ and we have a new one coming on Armada 
called ‘Paradise’.

What about your next moves? Any big project coming soon?

We have been working non stop in the studio in between tours, so we 
have a lot of new music. A lot of progressive stuff but also 
different genres. We also have some big collabs coming and a track 
with these up and coming producers from Holland called Syzz. Other 
than that we have a lot of shows coming and we’re excited for ADE in 
About DJing, do you prefer to play in festivals or in clubs?
and why?

Both can be amazing. The thing we love about clubs is the intimate 
vibe and usually you’re close to the crowed. Festivals can get 
really big to a point where its hard to have an interaction with the 
crowd. But the whole vibe at a festival; backstage, nice weather 
(hopefully) etc, can be amazing too!

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<![CDATA[DJ Mag Malaysia presents: Dannic]]>Tue, 25 Jul 2017 07:30:39 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/international/dj-mag-malaysia-presents-dannic

​If there’s one man who’s helped cultivate and pioneer a groovy, fonky sound into EDM, it’s Dannic. Throughout his career, he’s infused the genre with some of the most electrifying tracks that have been played on the biggest stages all over the world. He’s a man who really does it all, from owning and operating his very own imprint, Fonk Records, to playing eminent festivals such as Tomorrowland, and still somehow finding time to produce and collaborate with incredible talent (including a new track with Fedde Le Grand). Whether he sleeps or not, that’s a mystery. What we do know is that Dannic has truly been a leader within this industry and we were thrilled to sit down with him to ask him a few questions about what’s going on in his life right now, and what we can expect from him later this year:


​2017 has been a big year for you and your label Fonk Records, can you share with us any fresh news about your next projects?

I can! We’ve just released a track from Holl & Rush ‘The Witch Doctor’ on Fonk which is a really cool, anthemic and groovy track. It’s a milestone – sort of! – as it’s out 20th release! We have so many exciting things coming up for the label that I can’t wait to reveal, tracks that I think are gonna be really big especially approaching the Autumn as we’ve had a lot of great feedback already. Looking forward to the fans all hearing it, man!
We know you are going to release a brand new track with our friend Fedde Le Grand. Tell us about this collaboration.

I’ve been a fan of Fedde forever, he is such an inspiration as a fellow Dutch DJ so to work with him was really like a dream come true. He is one of the reasons I first got into house music, the time we spent in the studio felt really natural and for us to come together to remake a classic with ‘Coco’s Miracle’, it feels like a labour of love that incorporates both of our styles. It’s already going down great in our sets, I’m excited for the full release on August 25th!

​We are in love with your "Fonky" style, where does your inspiration come

Thanks! I grew up listening to old soul records – and Motown, everyone has a favourite Motown record! – thanks to my grandfather. He really influenced me in that way, I guess that even after I started producing and DJing dance music that I took on that influence subconsciously. I want the funk and groove to always be there and for the crowd to feel what kind of vibe and emotion I’m trying to pour into my music.

What about your studio setup and your favorite VST plugins?

I use a mac pro, dynaudio bm6mk2 studio monitors with a Dynaudio sub, roland a49 midi controller, apogee quartet soundcard. Fav VSTs, hive, nexus, kontakt.

Are you getting ready for ADE 2017?

We are! We can’t say too much just yet as we’re finalising information but I’ll be playing a bunch of showcases and shows with friends and artists that I can’t wait for! We’ll be bringing Fonk back for a special label showcase aswell – keep your eyes on my social media and dannicated.com and we’ll announce the info soon!

Please leave a message for your malaysian fans!

Thank you for supporting me all the way, DJ Mag Malaysia readers! Every single one of you has helped contribute to me and my music in some way, I’ll be back soon with new music – let’s party!

More about Dannic

Dannic, the prodigious DJ and producer from Breda in the Netherlands – the hometown of Tiësto and Hardwell - is one of the fiercest acts to emerge from a new generation of Dutch artists, cementing himself as a go-to name that delivers within the world of big-room, grooving house. Bursting onto the scene with a DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll placing 4 years in a row as of 2016, it’s confirmed to tastemakers that Dannic is a driving force within the scene. Dannic’s long-running stance behind the radio airwaves including his globally-syndicated Fonk Radio venture, also demonstrates a producer that is well and truly tapped into the most vital and important industry trends that appeal to his ever-expanding audience.

From his debut releases on world-class labels including Toolroom and a longstanding relationship with Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Dannic’s constant output of dance floor-ready bangers and groove-laden productions continues to excite across live shows globally, as well as productions that set alight the biggest mainstage sets. Seeing the Dannic sound grace the stages of Creamfields, Tomorrowland, Miami Music Week, plus many more alongside the launch of his own aforementioned, independent imprint - Fonk Recordings – Dannic has reflected his musical flair from every angle. From sourcing Demos, A&R’ing, design and production, the first release through Fonk Recordings (A collaboration between Dannic ehhimself and HIIO titled ‘Funky Time’) was supported by industry stars Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Fedde Le Grand and W&W, as a swathe of Top 10 releases signified it’s status, with the label still only in its early stages, Fonk Recordings also recently hosted a sold-out showcase party of label family and friends during the Amsterdam Dance Event in October. As over 350,000 music-lovers descended onto the city, all of these components proved the perfect catalyst to propel Dannic and the future of Fonk Recordings into its next exciting chapter.

After a slew of impressive dates across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, China and Singapore, Dannic also returned to Tomorrowland, Ushuaïa Ibiza, threw down sets at the World’s Largest Club Germany’s World Club Dome and played numerous, extensive North American headline dates. Dannic also performed a career stand-out set during the final ‘I Am Hardwell: United We Are’ show at Germany’s Hockenheim, marking the first show that DJs had ever performed at the racing track – but taking his sound to his fans live is one thing, immersing them wherever they are in the world is another. Launching Dannicated at the start of 2017 as a sleek fan portal, Dannic is giving devotees unprecedented access to high-class video content, track streaming and the latest and greatest news in his world, an ongoing project that will be adapted to meet modern and current trends, whilst also staying ahead of the curve.

With his live performances gaining unmissable status, it is clear to see that his vast studio outputs appear just as prolific, making it undeniable that Dannic has moved beyond the tag of “one to watch”. As his unrelenting schedule is interspersed with huge dates across the globe, his high-quality audio weaponry only adds another string to his bow. Take anthems ‘Viper’, ‘Golden Hearts’, ‘Feel Your Love’, ‘Light The Sky’ and recent big-hitter on Maxximize with ‘Noise’, that also shot to #1 on the Beatport Big Room Chart; all of these factors create a flawless cocktail as Dannic looks forward to a bigger and better 2017, gearing up to release his long-awaited collab with personal hero and dance aficionado Fedde Le Grand on ‘Coco’s Miracle’ that already send fans crazy at the iconic Miami Music Week recently.

Ready to champion Fonk Recordings and its talents no matter the artists’ experience or infancy, Dannic’s musical passion underpins his every move as a DJ for the people, weather this be his noteworthy peers passing praise or his millions of fans around the globe connecting both in the flesh and via a plethora of digital mediums, the scene waits with bated breath for the next move of this shining Breda producer…

www.djdannic.com | www.facebook.com/djdannic | www.snapchat.com/realdannic
www.soundcloud.com/djdannic | www.instagram.com/dannic

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Peter McGuire - Jonny Chiappetta - UrbanRebel PR
<![CDATA[DJ Mag Malaysia presents: Katty Q]]>Tue, 25 Jul 2017 07:19:20 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/international/dj-mag-malaysia-presents-katty-q
Originally from Siberia, Katty Q is, without doubt, one of the most traveled International female DJs in the circuit as of 2017, requested by fans of different genres all over the world. 

What makes her DJ sets and appearances so unique, Katty Q. has never been showcasing only one style, rather made her name as an Open Format DJ, being dubbed the "The Queen of MashUp" with exceptional technical skills and mesmerising stage appearance and the ability to read her crowd, to give them exactly what they want, either on the big stage of EDM festivals, the intimate club experience or at one of her regular gigs in Super Clubs all across Asia, Europe and last but not least Russia, where she is a resident DJ for the most luxurious brands and venues, including one of Moscow's major venues - ICON - since 2013. 

In recent years Katya, what is her real name, who is a professional model since the tender age of 14, has appeared on numerous magazine covers, sets of catalogues of major brands and even been an actor/model in music videos, commercials and movies, plus being booked for projects and corporate events with world-renowned brands such as Swarovski product launches, "Russian Standard" - (exclusive tour DJ on a tour in all Asia), official DJ "Miss Russia", FHM DJ tour, Hennessy Artistry, Official DJ Mag Asia and DJ Mag China Tour DJ, FDJ List Asia Club Tour and the list goes on.

The following destinations have been conquered by this young and aspiring talent, who has already gathered hundred thousands of fans throughout the four corners of the world. Party capitals like Moscow, St Petersburg, Barcelona, Beirut, Singapore, Phuket, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Tivat, Bahrain, Delhi, Goa, Zurich, Paris, Jakarta, Bali, Yangon, Shanghai, Manila & Saigon are the places you will meet Katty Q. voted "World Sexiest female DJ 2015/2016" two years in a row in the prestigious “World’s Sexiest DJ” poll 2015 & 2016 by Clubbing9 Network & EDMdroid magazine, Playboy’s favourite DJ same as 3 years in a row top 5 Russian international female DJs. 
KattyQ ranked World's Number 27th in the FDJ List in 2016 and made a big jump up to #17 in 2017.

- Ranking 17th on FDJ Top100 2016/2017
- Ranking 27th on FDJ Top100 2015/2016 
- Top 5 Russian international female DJs 2014/2015/2016/2017
​- World's Sexiest female DJ 2015 by WorldTopDJs Middle East and EDMdroid 2015 & 2016 
What do you think about Future Bass and the recent fusion between EDM and pop music?

I am very happy about this fusion, I am a great pop fan myself and have always, even way before it was a trend, implemented pop songs on my sets and it always went well. So maybe I set the trend haha 

How do you select the music you play during your live shows?

I of course do pre select tracks for my gigs, based on expected crowd and location, however it always comes down to the people, how we interact, what I feel they would want to hear and how we connect through the music, being that said I don't think I ever played a set twice or have I ever stuck with a playlist if I made one.

Clubs vs Festivals, which one you prefer? and why?

Festivals, sorry to say, most DJs might disagree, but I love the huge crowds, the massive energy and YES, specially the demand for poppy, commercial known tracks which lets the crowd go off, are exactly the things I love to see.

Which kind of equipment you like to use in your studio? analog or digital?

Mainly digital, always trying to play with new stuff and my co producers are very techy guys, who must have the newest equipment on the market to create the most unique and also up to date sounds. 

You visited many places, what's the difference between play a show in your country and in Asia?

I enjoy playing everywhere, really I never had a gig where I was thinking that it was a bad experience for me. Every show is special and I get something out of it every single time. But yes, most of the time I am touring Asia recently, so I think I have a special connection to the crowd there ;) 

You recently have been voted FDJ #17 in the World by a relatively important Top 100 for female DJs, what's your comment on this big success? 

I am surprised and happy at a time, I am thanking all my fans, followers and friends for believing in me, supporting me (super thanks to my team) and most of all for having voted. People need to know that such polls are a reflection of ones popularity and even if there are many other talents with more achievements and or followers, if you don't get them to vote, it is not bringing results. Anyway, a big THANK YOU to anyone who has voted for me.
Stay tuned for more from KATTYQ!
<![CDATA[DJ Mag Malaysia presents : HARDWELL]]>Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:11:34 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/international/dj-mag-malaysia-presents-hardwell
Robbert van de Corput, who you may know better as the iconic EDM superstar, Hardwell, is a man in no need of an introduction. He does it all: from being a two-time #1 Top 100 DJ, a veteran producer, and even the CEO of one of the finest labels around, Revealed Recordings. We had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with him about what’s ahead for both him and his label for the rest of the year, which contains some extremely exciting news for all of us fans. Enjoy!

What's the genre you like most at the moment? And what do you think about the new pop trend we had with the "future bass" genre?

My live sets are such a mix of sounds and my productions take influence from a lot of genres like trance and hardstyle, but I would say I’m really into the power of dance and pop music together, although these collaborations have been going on forever, it’s great to see the Dutch and American producers collaborating with artists and DJs from different cultures and different scenes. I recently collaborated with Craig David which was something different, he’s from a UK garage and hip-hop background, so bringing his pop vocal and energy into our track was so much fun. I really like the future bass sound, Conro is a producer I think is cool making that sort of sound, he’s released on my label Revealed Recordings and done some big remixes for Martin Garrix…it’s fun to see how these sounds will evolve.

​Any hot news you can share with us about your next releases?

I have a very exciting collaboration coming next week that I can’t say too much about yet – but I’m also working on some new releases with KSHMR, Mr. Vegas and Henry Fong. Some of the fans have been waiting a while for my collab with Henry but some of these tracks will come as surprises, I’ll also have some special remixes coming out soon, new versions of tracks just for my fans in certain regions, but again, I can’t say too much! A lot of new music coming your way!

We would like to talk about the future of your label "Revealed". What you have in store for the next months and how you choose the artists you work with? Any advice for the upcoming producers to get a record deal with you?

We have some huge releases from Kura, Row Rocka and Kill The Buzz coming up in the next month or so, we’re planning a lot of exciting things for the Summer months and some more Eps – all will be announced soon!

​To get signed to Revealed Recordings can take a lot of different avenues, sometimes it’s demos’ that still need work, sometimes it’s a great remix that we know as a label can be pushed further, and it doesn’t matter what genre. We sign trance tracks, big-room tracks, electro tracks; as long as the track is genuine and the producer has taken the time to try and learn their techniques as well as they can, even as a producer starting out, I think that really shows. Learning to adapt but also having an idea of what you want to make, and how you want to make it, is important.

Please leave a message for your Malaysian fans!
"Thank you for all the support at my live shows and for following my career since the beginning! Malaysia always has a special place in my heart and I hope to visit again and play you all some new music very soon."

Discovering Revealed Recordings:

Hardwell presented his very own imprint Revealed Recordings in 2010. The young house sensation revealed a fresh and open-minded label. Next to Hardwell’s own tracks and collaborations, Revealed Recordings will also release tracks that fit the versatile sound of the label, whether that be progressive -, tech – or electro house influenced. Within a short period the label has built up a distinct label profile in today’s dance scene with a unique sound.
To name a few releases on Revealed Recordings: W&W and Ummet Ozcan's 'The Code', Dyro’s ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’, 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights’ ‘Escape’, Dannic’ and Shermanology’s ‘Wait For You’, Julian Calor ‘Space Dial’, Thomas Gold feat Kate Elsworth ‘Colourblind’ J-Trick & Deorro’s ‘Rambo’ plus countless more.
Revealed Recordings has also grown to become a dominant force as a globetrotting tour brand having staged events in America, Greece, Switzerland, UK and the Netherlands.    

Hardwell’s radio show and podcast, Hardwell On Air, is broadcasted on more than 150 international radio stations worldwide, including Holland’s top dance station, Radio 358, Sirius XM in the US, Capital FM in UK and NRJ in France and Germany, as well as stretching further around the global with slots from Taiwan to Hawaii and Argentina to Lebanon. Additionally, the podcast has proven to be one of the best radio shows in the world, occupying a solid spot in the iTunes Top 10 Podcasts and rapidly growing to more than 300,000 views on YouTube each week, which combined with its International syndication prowess makes Hardwell On Air the most listened to weekly station online.
A regular on the airwaves since 2011, ‘Harwell On Air’ celebrated its 300th episode on January 20th 2017 with its founder and host Hardwell holding a special live broadcast treating fans to a sizzling selection of named artists including Martin Garrix and Don Diablo plus a plethora of music that ensured this celebration was one of the biggest ‘On Air’ parties to date.  

​United We Are Foundation

Utilising his global appeal for social change, Hardwell, along with Anna Agency launched the United We Are Foundation. Created to “give something back’” to the children of the world, the United We Are Foundation is a charity project that has global ambitions to educate young children in different communities around the world.

World’s Biggest Guest list

The first project launched
on Sunday December 13th in one of India’s largest stadiums, the D.Y. Patil Stadium in Mumbai, saw Hardwell joined by 70,000+ fans on his own personal guest list to unite for an occasion to “make a social difference” against the lack of education for underprivileged children living in the slums of Mumbai. With over 125,000 fans registering for the opportunity to attend this historic event and to be a part of creating a brighter future for thousands of children, the concert billed as the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List’ has sparked a revolution in live entertainment in India, that it now plans to extend to other countries around the globe.

UN Headquarters

​After the event in Mumbai, Hardwell was invited to take part in a special event organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Johan Cruijff Foundation at the UN headquarters in New York. This event put the spotlight on sport as a medium for development and peace and invite famed sport stars from the world of football to discuss this topic in a global forum. Among them were ex-footballers as well as dignitaries from all the United Nations. Hardwell’s DJ appearance at this UN event presented him with the opportunity to talk about his own United We Are Foundation and highlight to UN delegates the work the foundation is doing to change the welfare of young children through education.

<![CDATA[Indian producer Sheezan unleash new track on Sativ Records]]>Sat, 24 Jun 2017 06:59:19 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/international/indian-producer-sheezan-unleash-new-track-on-sativ-records

​The highly prodigious DJ and producer "Sheezan" entered into deejaying at the age of 14. 
After his first experience with deejaying, he only had one dream playing his own music all over the world. 
Since his early beginnings as a producer at the age of 16, Sheezan has continuously worked to hone his skills and fuse his creativity in his music, and his hard work is beginning to show some impressive results.
Supported by his friends and family in the beginning days, Sheezan’s productions slowly drew the attention of the bigger DJ’s in the scene.
Sheezan first broke into the dance music scene in extravagant fashion with the release of his collaborative track with LA based producer "Jake Sgarlato" titled “Inside Out” & "SuperFly".
Not only his tracks garnered the support of fans from across the globe, it also earned the praise of prominent names such as "Lucky Date, Steve Aoki, Tom Swoon, Swanky Tunes, Yves V, Uberjakd, D.O.D" many more.

Recently Sheezan released his brand new big room tune "Throne of Thorns" on Sativ Records , an Indepent multi-genre record label  from Germany.
Sheezan - Throne of Thorns 
OUT NOW FOR FREE: edmlead.net/gate/throneofthorns
Subscribe to Sativ ➜ on.fb.me/1Vztx2S

▼ Connect with Sativ Records:
▸ Facebook : on.fb.me/1Vztx2S
▸ Soundcloud : @sativ-records
▸ Twitter : bit.ly/2jyTXla
▸ YouTube : bit.ly/1M7BcPT
▸ Instagram: bit.ly/2jUbYh9

▼ Connect with Sheezan:
▸ Facebook : bit.ly/2o1BAXr
▸ Soundcloud : @sheezanmusic
▸ Instagram : bit.ly/2naErj7
▸ Twitter : bit.ly/2mqf91R

<![CDATA[Interview with Mike Hawkins]]>Wed, 14 Jun 2017 05:11:19 GMThttp://djmagmalaysia.my/international/interview-with-mike-hawkins
Those who are familiar with the musical vision of Mike Hawkins know he's always been one who tries to stay ahead of whatever sound has the world of dance music buzzing. Instead, he challenges himself to change the face of electronic music, to level the playing field in favor of all whose talent exceeds the so-far established sounds of the industry. In collaboration with Armada Music, Mike Hawkins has found the right way to do so: VAYPOR.

Maykel Piron, CEO of Armada Music: "Electronic music isn't just evolving in one single direction. There are lots of artists out there who steer clear from the beaten paths and try to find their own way through the dance music jungle. VAYPOR doesn't carve out the trail for them, but instead hands them a machete and lets them go whichever direction they please. I strongly believe that this is the way to go if you want your artists to fulfill their full potential. It's why I believe in VAYPOR."
The first release on VAYPOR is 'Bad Blood', a – what else – genre-defying production of Mike Hawkins. 

Your new label VAYPOR has just made its debut on Armada Music. Why you decided to start this new journey? And what about the “WAVE Genre”?

I felt like the scene needed a label to represent upcoming and emerging genres, and luckily Armada felt the same. I’m very happy to be able to work with them on this. Wave is really an anti-thesis to a lot of the dance music out there. It’s really clean cut and atmospheric but with strong rhythmic influences. I’m a big fan of the sound myself. It’s a new genre and it has a lot of room to grow, but I’m excited to see where it’s going in the future!

You’ve collaborated with many artists within your DJ career, what
other artists do you wish to collaborate with?

A ton! I think I’d have to look around outside of electronic music per se. Maybe electronic acts like Chemical Brothers or Prodigy. Those would be a dream. But other than that I’d be looking towards rock and alternative acts. It’s hard to say. I’d love to do something with Serj Tankian one day, purely because I’m a fan of him and what he does. Moby as well, if we could work on an ambient project. He’s vegan too. I really like his worldview.

Until now your music had an huge success. What would you like to
happen in your career that hasn’t happened yet?

I’d love to one day sell out a large stadium gig purely on my own credentials. I think it’s a dream for many and I really admire the ones who did manage.

Skit and Kareful will be the first act to release on your new label
with their song “Palace”. What do you think about them?

I really like the guys. I think they have a healthy attitude towards the scene. They’re hustlers, and I respect that a lot. They go for what they believe in and don’t let anything stop them.

Your track “Hollywood” is just amazing. How you produced it? how you created the main synth and what’s your favorite VST? Do you have any particular technique to make your songs sound so fat?

Hollywood started out as a bit of a gimmick, I thought the “upscale” sound was quite cool and worked it from there. I work a lot with tube saturation and similar plugins. I believe a lot in making one sound very big / wide instead of a million layers. It takes a lot of work and doesn’t “sound good fast”, but at the end of the day it means a much cleaner, fatter mix. Spend time working the music and ‘retain your vision’ with the sound while you’re working it, it won’t sound like you want it to to begin with, and that’s okay. Keep working it. Also, read up on mixing techniques; 80% of a fat record is in knowing how to get there technically. There’s not really a one-size-fits-all, it’s a mixture of practice and smart technical choices. If anything, keep it simple!

Your song “Bad Blood” featuring “RAPHAELLA” is something we didn’t expected.
As always you tried to reinvent yourself and your sound, should we
expect more releases like that?

Definitely, I’m really interested in diving further into the left-of-centre records. I want to explore music that I’ve always wanted to do. I’m still going to be releasing the odd club banger though. I need to do artful and emotive music to feel good, but without the floor-shakers it doesn’t make sense either.
Stream / Download "Bad Blood" here :  https://vay001.lnk.to/BBPR  
Follow VAYPOR: Facebook -  Instagram - Twitter
Follow Mike Hawkins:  Facebook - Soundcloud - Twitter
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